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Archive #4

Posted April 30, 2004
This is a followup to the message left on June 18, 2002. I am looking for a copy to buy of the following shows:
Monday Night Concerts with Ricky Skaggs
-The Episode with Mark Chesnutt
-The episode with George Jones
Any help will be appreciated. Craig Payne -

Posted April 29, 2004
Proud neice of a Peachtree Cowboy seeking info on my late uncle, Steve Keith. He was the blind piano man for them in the fifties to the early '60's,when the Covered Wagon was still standing. All the 9 siblings of his generation are gone now, and I've taken it on myself to find out about as much of their history as possible. The times conincide with Jack Reed's time in the band ("There Goes My Everything"). Or if there are other sources I could try to find out more about the whole band. All the departed brothers and sisters deserve to be rememebered. They were po' folks that came down from the N. GA Mountains, and they all made something of themselves. I would love it if the too few cousins to know more about their heritage. This ol' Gawja girl would be mighty beholden to any one who may have some clues, it would mean a lot to our family. Hanna Hamlet -

Posted April 29, 2004
Would anyone happen to know the words and possibly the chords to a song BY LEFTY FRIZZELL,, GIVE ME MORE MORE MORE OF YOUR KISSES. About 50-51 - Dan Pace -

Posted April 29, 2004
dear sir, i am md. ifteakharul hossain from bangladesh. i want to know about country music will you please send me some information about it. thanking you . md. ifteakharul hossain -

Posted April 26, 2004
Hello all: I am going crazy trying to find a song that I heard on the radio... It was a country song about a Grandfather sung by his grandson. The grandmother leaves a note for the grandfather at a meeting place to say that she loves him and will see him soon. The grandsonis remembering the note now that the grandmother has passed away. Does anyone know this song? Please let me know! K. Seaver -

Posted April 25, 2004
I think your country music hall of fame is ten times better than the "other one" in Nashville. I would like to see you put Leon McAuliffe somewhere in your hall of fame. He is considered to be the "father" of the pedal steel guitar. He is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He was a very innovative steel player and has been copied by many other artists. As you probably know, he was with Bob Wills for many years. Thank you. Ray Trosper -

Posted April 25, 2004

Posted April 20, 2004
who sang the song timber iam falling in love with you the change in the weather has made it better for me? kathleen eilenstine -

Posted April 17, 2004
Can you please give me info. about contacting Randy Travis, George Strait and others about some country lyrics I have written. I am a retired English teacher from Missouri. My address is: Bill Sharp,, 903 Monk Street West Plains, Missouri 65775 -  

Posted April 17, 2004
Hi George, i dont know if you remember me. I'm Wash Martins' friend from Allentown. I've been in Fayetteville NC for about 15 yrs now. I saw a post on the Steel Guitar Forum about play along R/Ts and would like ordering info. Thanks, Skip Mertz -

Posted April 16, 2004
Can anyone give me any information about Wade and Julia Mainer? Is Wade still living? If so, I would love to see him! Daniel D. Tedder -

Posted April 14, 2004
I am searching for any information you may have on the Willis brothers. They are(were) my second cousins. My dad (their first cousin) was very close to them and has since passed away and I have lost any contact or info. about them. It would help in my geneology research. Thank you. jeannie ressler -

Posted April 14, 2004

Posted April 11, 2004

Posted April 10, 2004
We would like to have information of email address of Country Western singer Tommy Overstreet, very good friend of Woody Yocum, I will appreciated for all the help in this matter. Thanks, my best to Tommy, Francisca Yocum.

Posted April 8, 2004
I was surfing the net and came across your awesome site. I am huge fan of traditional country music and wish that more traditional artist were being played on the radio. I am 27 years old and just started working full time as a traditional country artist. I use the word full time cautiously. I have not signed a contract with a label but I have had 2 offers. They come from small independent labels and I wanting to test the market a little more before I sign. I would love for you to hear my music. You can do so by visiting my website at Click on the MUSIC PAGE and the link will take you to my music. God Bless you, Brian Keith, Bringin’ the Country Back to Country -

Posted April 1, 2004
Howdy. I play 4-string banjo for the stockyards opry. Tom Briede produces a good family friendly musical show. Thank you. Richard Don Simms - The Cowtown Comedian -

Posted March 31, 2004
I was told the Hank Williams Sr had a collection of American Indian artifacts. Can anyone substantiate this for me? Rex Whitaker -

Posted March 30, 2004
Looking for facts on the death of Hank Williams Sr. Was recently in the town of OakHill, WV and was told the amazing story of the "2 last stops of Hank". It was questionable where he actually died. I have been "surfing" trying to find newspaper articles, etc. and it is interesting that you cannot find out much about his death. I would be interested in knowing if anyone out there has any "sites" to visit for facts on this part of the Country Music History. Jane -

Posted March 30, 2004
Curious how and where you can go online and purchase videos of the early days on TNN/CMT showing Cousin Jody, Marty Robbins, Webb Pierce, Hank Locklin, Johnny Paycheck..Back in the late 40's and early 50's. Russell Plilar -

Posted March 30, 2004
As a long-time Fan of the Opry I would love to see Gid Tanner and the Skillet Lickers inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. They were greatly responsible for the famous Ralph Peer recording session that produced Jimmy Rodgers, the Carter Family, and the Stoneman Family. They recorded songs that became standards, such as "Back Up and Push," "Down Yonder," "Bully Of The Town," and many others.I think they should be recognized. Kelly Tuck -

Posted March 28, 2004
I am looking for music of Patsy Montana ... in Casette for my step father who was a great fan of hers ... is there any still available? Linda Schaeffler -

Posted March 28, 2004
My name is John Steven Chism, My Grandfather was John Henry Chism that recorded in the mid 1920's in Memphis, TN. for RCA (or possibly earlier than that label) as the group The Polk Arkansas Mountaineers. I don't know if spelling for that is accurate concidering the history we have is not very good. They recorded 5 songs from what information we do have... but none of our family has any of these records, but we were told they sold many around Polk Arkansas... wonder why...Ha Ha. We need help as we cannot find copies of these anywhere... Can you help? Thanks for your time, John S. Chism -

Posted March 28, 2004
Can anyone give me some names of songs that include some good fiddling? I have a few by Charlie Daniels but need to know more!! If anyone can help me I'd appreciate it!! Just email me!! Teri -

Posted March 28, 2004
Does anyone know what happened to Martin Del Rey? Nancy S Nelson -

Posted March 28, 2004
Global Moment in Time. At 11:00 a.m. CST, radio stations and individuals around the world will simultaneously play "That's All Right" in honor of the anniversary of Elvis' recording at Sun Studio on July 5, 1954. Be sure to contact your local station and make certain they are making their plans to celebrate the moment that started it all. Forwarded by Carol Hunter

Posted March 28, 2004
How can I find out who wrote the song Deep Water?

Posted March 26, 2004

Posted March 25, 2004
Hello, Dr. Charles Wolfe, This is Diana Christian who worked with Bill Monroe and The Bluegrass Boys as a featured artist, surprise Guest the first year and Special guest the other years. I am in Minnesota where my Mom and family, my incredible children are and Mother made a special request for me to move back up here. I am still singing, writing and as active as ever with music and the L.O.V.E. Foundation, Inc. (LovingOthersViaEntertainmnet). I miss TN and all the friends I have there but for now, it is life in the Star City, a small town called Two Harbors, where I grew up. My phone number is 218 834 8241 and my address is 505 First Ave. Apt. 505, Two Harbors, MN. 55616. Bill and I had a relationship that was extremely interesting and wonderful. In my 22 years in TN, Bill Monroe and I met in 1981 and be came close friends in 1983, the year we went to Israel. He called me the North Star and was insulted when I thought he had said a star of the north, telling me, "You should listen better than that." This took place when I was with him in Dogpatch over in the Ozarks ... I have many journals I had written especially on my road work with him in 1988 to 1990. A musician and huge fan of Americana, our music, told me I needed to write a book on my rare past and I said yes. He asked me to do a story about how this small town Minnesota gal ended up on tour for 5 years and had a strong friendship with the Legend himself, Bill Monroe, and also the Grand Ole Opry, I am preparing that for a magazine up here in Duluth Minn. called Ripsaw. They want a cover story and lots of photos. I certainly have the photos. I told this gentleman, Dave Anderson, who also leads a youth movement towards excellence in living called Free At Last, that Dr Charles Wolfe and my friend and neighbor Lucy, of the POP music dept at MTSU had come to my home at the Clardy House one evening at 7 pm, we talked and recorded many segements of my life, around 11pm we stopped our session and Dr. Wolfe said, we have only scratched the surface, we will continue this some other time ... so as one of the most excellent people I have met besides your powerful knowledge and love of our American Music History and its people, I just wanted to reconnect with you. I hope you and your Darling wife and all your family are doing very well. Love, Diana Christian, also known as Butterfly Rose Christian.

Posted March 25, 2004
Hi - I have seen Rex Allen's guitar for sale on a website called They also have some of his famous nudie's outfits, boots, etc. This looks like the exact same guitar that I saw in some of Rex Allen's pictures. Can someone tell me if it is the same one? Thank you. Margaret Muldoon -

Posted March 25, 2004
Bob Wills' great 1940 recording of "New San Antonio Rose" has been selected to be added to the Library of Congress registry of historic sound. Patsy Cline's "Crazy" and Johnny Cash's 1968 concert at Folsum Prison were also included, being the only country songs in the 50 selected. It is gratifying to see these truly great artists so honored. The complete list can be found at Nominations from the public are accepted, so maybe those of us who love traditional country should start letting them know what songs we would like to see honored. John Gill -

Posted March 23, 2004
Will "Pappy" H.W. Daily ever be inducted into the Hall Of Fame? I have read a lot about this man who seemed to be a big part in establishing early Country Music. How can I become a member to be able to vote for members inducted into the Hall Of Fame. I own a Record Label, "Astra Records", a recording studio "Astra Studios" and a publishing company, Ex Wife Publishing, which is listed in ASCAP. I am in Texas and plan on bringing early country music back out. Thank You
Keith A Mccoy, Astra Records, Astra Studios
Ex Wife Publishing, 15606 Avenue C, Channelview, Texas 77530
Off. 281-452-0034, Cell 281-451-9911, Fax 281-452-4763

Posted March 22, 2004
Re: Clint Black and Roy Rogers - Please, does anyone have a copy of the country music award program back in 1990 or 1991 where Clint Black and Roy Rogers sing "Hold On, Partner" together. I do not need a video of the complete show, just their performance. Marie -

Posted March 22, 2004
The Elvis Presley Story, starring Ronnie McDowell and the Jordanaires. April 7, 8, 9, 2004, 8pm -- Branson, MO at the Welk Resort Theatre. Website: - Phone #: 866-337-5454 -

Posted March 20, 2004
I am looking for a copy of each of these shows:
TNN's Monday Night Concerts hosted by Ricky Skaggs -The Episode with Mark Chesnutt
-The Episode with George Jones and Elvis Costello
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Craig Payne -

Posted March 19, 2004
Hello, I need help. I'm looking for an agency that will promote me and distribute. i am a gospel pianist and organinst. I have 5 tapes and 5 CDs out and a bio. I'm almost ready to quit. I do the old hymns and gospels which are a favorite to the 40 to dead group. some younger. im self taught and cant read music. i did a piano organ concert with mahalia jacksons pianist, mildred falls. backed some of the largest gospel quartets. if you can help me and or direct me i would be greatful. please check out my web site. - - thank you very much, mark kaniff - Posted March 18, 2004
Please help . I have been looking for the recording by bobby helms of Standing at the end of my world. I think it might have been on the flip side of You are my special angel back inthe fifties. MAYBE 1957. Thak you, wendy roberts -

Posted March 17, 2004
This morning I viewed a TV program that had W. Judd singing. At the end of the program and the credits and all that, they mentioned a website: music in high Do you have any reference to that program. That's all the info I have on it. I was kind of taken by surprize or what ever and missed any other info on it.I think it was on Showtime (Comcast-cable) I appreciate anything you could give me on this subject. I know it's kind-of sketchy. Thank you in advance. Sincerely, Henry Osterhoudt, 1111 Lagoon Ave., Wilmington, CA 90744 -

Posted March 15, 2004
Ms. Reba, Would like to use your "I'm a survivor as my theme song, I've survived polio, heartattack,near breakdown,6 by-pqass surgery and stroke yet I remain a heck of a sqeaky wheel in my county, I look forwqard to the day that I may have the pleasure to see you in person, Sincerely, Mary Sherman -

Posted March 13, 2004
An Evening of Rockabilly with the First Lady of Rock-n-Roll, WANDA JACKSON.
Special Guest: Charlie Gracie, the Rockats, Lustre Kings, the Fabulous Pontani Sisters,
Full Blown Cherry, the Phantom Drifters, and More!
Sat. Night , April 24th, 2004, 6 pm until ?
Kahunaville, Wilm., DE - exit 6 off Interstate I-95 on Riverfront
Info: 215 962 0636 / /

Posted March 13, 2004
I'm looking for "We used to be the talk of the town." Don't know the artist, I think in the 1950's - also any lyrics of Cousin Jody songs. stephen pratt -

Posted March 13, 2004
My uncle, Rufus Pierce played lead guitar on a recording with Leon Payne some time between 1949 and 1952. I was a young teenager and my dad (Pierce's brother) took me and a friend to listen in on the recording. If you have any information on this I would greatly appreciate hearing from anyone. Thanks in advance. Edna Higginbotham, 901 ACR 2109 Elkhart TX 75839, 903-764-5321 - e-mail

Posted March 11, 2004
Big Bill ... I have been trying to get in touch with youever since I came out to see you and Weldon and Grand son at the Back Porch Bar-B-Que Restaurqnt in Boerne Texas ... You said at that time we should get together. I would very much like to. My Son In Laws Brother Steve Hanson and Wife DJ a Puglic radio show on station WOBJ in Wisconsin. I told him about you and he has sug up a bunch of your records and has been playing them on his Saturday night show HonkyTonk wich airs from 7:30 pm. to 12:00 Midnight.. Blowing the foam from my beer ... and There's A Tear In My Beer and oters. I think it is neat to hear you on radio again. I get the show on Real Player on my computer...Weldon Please Reply to this with Bill's Phone and address. Do you still play at the Back Porch?? Thanks a Lot. Bill Collins, 139 Wagon Trail Rd., San Antonio. Texas, 78231. Phone 210-492-1323. Incidentally the guitar held by Tommy Hill is exactly the same as mine remember? I am anxiously awaiting your reply. Bill Collins. e-mail address -

Posted March 10, 2004
I'm looking for the song with the following lyrics, all I know is that it's an old country song sung by a male singer... "It's been a long time since I've seen the home place" -
[Another contest question??]

Posted March 9, 2004
Well hello people! I write lyrics for country music and my problem is that I've always had a passion for writing poems and now I have turned a few into absolutely fantastic country songs. I have got the rythem in my head on how I want the song to sound like but i need someone to help me put music to it. I have got thousands of people who love to hear me sing country music and everyone thinks there is 1 particular song that will be a #1 Hit. It's called "I THOUGHT YOU WERE MINE". I am willing to pay someone with the information on who I get ahold of to help me put music to this song. I play drums and nothing else. I want to be a lead singer not a drummer.. please help me?? My sign email is or Thanks a million, Gary Fisher (Charlottesville, Va)

Posted March 9, 2004
I'm tryin to find an old student of mine....who grew up in Nashville music....i cant be sure of how his name is spelled....but its something like Lynn Poulsen....his dad was also i Nashville old timer.... a great one of the most popular ones in the "in" group of old time who just loved the music...and was NOT after the fame game.....Lynn worked for several years at some country western store that had its own radio station in Nashville...but i dont know the name of the place.... i desperately need to find him. any help will be great. They used to live originally in Molalla Oregon but moved without foreward addresses...last word was that Vern was on the coast of Oregon somewhere and Lynn was in Nashville tryin to get into the big time music a rockabilly performer. i taught Lynn martial arts for about five years in Molalla, Oregon. i can be reached at 503 631 4819 anytimeor at - thank you, francis

Posted March 9, 2004
Where can I find info about Lefty Frizzel's car? Mary Mayberry -

Posted March 7, 2004
"All around the water tank/waiting for a train/a thousand miles away from home/sleeping in the rain." So begins one of the truly great songs of country music. "Waiting For A Train" has been recorded many times by many artists, but none as well as the original by the Singing Brakeman, Jimmie Rodgers. This song should be in every country music library. Jim Reeves also did a great version of "Waiting For A Train." This song was written by Rodgers, and originally recorded on Oct. 22, 1928, and released on Feb. 8, 1929, with "Blue Yodel No. 4" on the flip side. This information is from Nolan Porterfield's biography of Jimmie entitled JIMMIE RODGERS. This is an excellent book that should also be in every country music library. John Gill -

Posted March 7, 2004
I am looking for the song titled All Around the Watertank. I dont know when it was wrote or who sang it. Could someone please find it? Thank you.

Posted March 5, 2004
I have been told that Kris Kristoferson will be appearing in the UK in the near future but have been unable to find out anything about it. Can anybody assist me please? Peter Young -

Posted March 4, 2004
Can someone tell me who sang hell yes I cheated? jaye hall -

Posted March 3, 2004
Does anyone here know where I can find some music by Norman Wade? My Aunt has been after me to find it for her. Can anyone please help? Thanks, Don - Posted February 24, 2004 I find it humerous to note that all the folks looking to find out who sings a song with the lyrics "It's been a long time since I've seen the home place..." neglect to mention that it is a local radio contest on AM 790 CFCW Edmonton, Albert, Canada and the prize money currently sits at just under $2000.00. I wonder if a finders fee is being offered? ;) WorknDog -" - I live just outside Edmonton, Alberta and listen to 790 CFCW almost every day. I would gladly split the prize 50/50 with who ever can identify the artist/song (providid I can get through). The prize is currently about $2060 (cdn). E-mail me

Posted March 2, 2004
Hi, does anyone have the lyrics to the " walbash cannonball". Dusty -

Posted February 29, 2004

Posted February 29, 2004
Hello, i need help. im looking for an agency that will promote me and distribute. i am a gospel pianist and organinst. i have 5 tapes and cds out and a bio. im almost ready to quit. i do the old hymns and gospels which are a favorite to the 40 to dead group. some younger. im self taught and cant read music. i did a piano organ concert with mahalia jacksons pianist, mildred falls. backed some of the largest gospel quartets. if you can help me and or direct me i would be greatful. please check out my web site. - - thankyou very much, mark kaniff -

Posted February 28, 2004
I have been singing traditional country for many years. I feel I am really good at it. I accompany my singing with an acoustic Martin D41 and have written some songs. I would be interested in hearing from you. Your site is very refreshing and I enjoyed it very much. Bob Perry - a/k/a

Posted February 27, 2004
I think that they should play more of the old country and western music more often on the radio. They are what has made country and music what it is today. Like george jones, tammy wynett, lorretta lynn, patsy cline and alot others ... like, marty robbins ,hank williams sr. and jr., alabama and many, many more. thank you for your time. linda crawford, a country and western fan.

Posted February 26, 2004
I would like to find a recording of The Blue Sky Boys (Bill & Earl Bollick) Original version of "Brown Eyes", Ted -

Posted February 26, 2004
Hey just found your web site Boy what great memories had a couple of mild R&R Cuts in the 1960 era but went back to country but stillkeep up with your action through Blue Suede news Publication would love for you to check out our web site mean time Good Luck and God bless. Col D; Harold Crosby/President TERC - Web: -

Posted February 26, 2004
Hello my name is Shelley Hughes. I am the daughter of Carl Curtis Hughes. My father recorded his album at the Grand ole Opry and performed there as well. I believe it was late 60¹s early 70¹s. He sang 6 days on the road, house of the rising sun etc on his album. Can you find some thing about this, name of his album etc. My fellow workers don't believe me.

Posted February 26, 2004
I am looking for a song from the 1940's or 50's. I can't remember the title, but the chorus goes something like this. I'm gonna write to heaven for I know my daddy's there I know he's there. I'm gonna search the heavens till I find him then I'll throw my arms around him. I'm gonna write to heaven for I know he's there. This song means alot to me, because my mother use to sing it when I was little, and now she's gone and I really would like to copy it so I've got it for my children. Thank You. Dottie Trease -

Posted February 25, 2004
Does anyone here know where I can find some music by Norman Wade? My Aunt has been after me to find it for her. Can anyone please help? Thanks, Don - Posted February 24, 2004
I find it humerous to note that all the folks looking to find out who sings a song with the lyrics "It's been a long time since I've seen the home place..." neglect to mention that it is a local radio contest on AM 790 CFCW Edmonton, Albert, Canada and the prize money currently sits at just under $2000.00. I wonder if a finders fee is being offered? ;) WorknDog -

Posted February 24, 2004
I recently visited "Tootsies in Nashville...I was there on Valentines Day. I also received the honor on that particular night, as Toby Keith kissed me once on the hand...went to have himself a drink...and then signed an autograph for me and kissed me right on my lips! Wow what a night too remember. He's just as sweet as he portrays himself to be and very..very...down to earth. As for me...well, I haven't been the same since...he did more for me that night than he will likely ever know. A big Thank You to You Toby Keith...I'm still "Dream Walkin" :-) Tammy, Here in Kentucky, You just took my heart with you. "God" I love that Bar.

Posted February 22, 2004
Hello, Please can you tell me if there is any DVD from Lefty Frizzell. If so, where can I find it. Thanks and greatings, Frans Pannevis, Fan from Holland -

Posted February 19, 2004
Hello, Who sings the song, Been a long time since I've seen the home place. Thank-you very much. Doris Greenfield - Posted February 17, 2004
Anyone have information concerning Penney Gordon of Hee Haw? MaggieReaves@AOL.COM

Posted February 16, 2004
Hi There, I just want to invite you to visit my new website: I'm still on the road and loving it. Our new 1-1/2 hr show (now on the road after a year long engagement at the Nashville Texas Troubador Theater) includes the great new voice of rising Nashville recording artist 17 year old Candi Carpenter Great Talent! God Bless, Jack Greene, Grand Ole Opry

Posted February 12, 2004

Posted February 12, 2004
Could some one please help me out with a song and who sings it? Some of the words are "It's a long time since I've seen the home place" -

Posted February 11, 2004
Hi greetings from Australia. Always been a fan of Billie Jo Spears, will be visiting USA during May June 04.Cannot find any concert info about her Do you have any info?? Regards, Don Shand -

Posted February 10, 2004
Would like to know the name of the artist who sings the song: "It's been a long time since I've seen the home place", Ted -
Posted February 6, 2004
Visit Eliza's Country Music News at You can find the latest country and bluegrass music news, as well as radio show schedules, bluegrass festivals, concert listings in Tennessee and Georgia, upcoming singles and album info, and much more! I hope you'll come visit real soon! Eliza -

Posted February 6, 2004
My mother, family and friends used to get together and 'pick and sing', and actually sounded pretty good. We had an old vinyl recorder and I have some old records of them singing. I especially liked their rendition of "Take me back to Renfro Valley, and also, "I Like Mountain Music".
              I know this is really digging in the past. I had heard my parents talk quite a bit about the old WLS Barn Dance and I even remember a little bit of the "Grand 'Ole Opry". Does anyone know where I could find a picture of the "Three Little Maids"? They were really the Overstake sisters; I think their names were Lucille (later Jenny Lou Carson), Eva, and Evelyn. I have seen individual pictures of Lucille and Evelyn, but not one of Eva. Also, is there anywhere on the Internet where I could download a portion of one of their recordings? Or even buy them? Thanks! pfg -

Posted February 6, 2004
Hi.... I hope you can help me find a record. I have been trying to find a record that I had about fifty or fifty-five years ago. It was the "Red Deck of Cards" on one side and the "Black Deck of Cards" on the other. It was a 45. It was spoken with music in the background. It told the bible story on a red deck of cards and also on a black deck of cards. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jane -

Posted February 6, 2004
Hi: What a real delight and treat to read all the interesting information on the messages; have noted some of the stations to send my CD and there's other questions re songs I may be able to help with. Congratulations on a wonderful site and proud to be listed with Traditional Country Hall Of Fame and also to read about the other artists, some of whom I know. For as long as I can remember, traditional country music has been a big part of my life and I love to entertain (play and sing) and share country music with others. Have some recordings released and thanks to wonderful DJ's worldwide for their support of my music. "Nobody's Darling But Mine" was always my favourite, written by the later Jimmie Davis, and was on my first recording. Again, a super site and lots of great country music cheers, Doreen Brown,

Posted February 6, 2004
I am hoping someone can help find the name of a song. All I have is a phrase and the fact that it sounds like Roger Miller or Ray Stevens, it sounds like it is from the 50's or 60's country. The phrase is "It's been a long time since I've seen the homeplace". Any help would be greatly appreciated. Jenny -

Posted February 6, 2004
Have a question that i was asked and have no idea. the ? Does anyone out there know an old country song (sounds like 50's - 70's maybe?) that has the lyrics "It's been a long time since I've seen the home place" ? --Artist male, in late 30's or 40's, Banjo plays in background. Ehats it, all he knows, hope someone out there can help. thanks, tammy -

Posted February 5, 2004
I just started learning to play the bass guitar and chose Floyd Cramer's "Last Date" as a good song to learn because it has a simple bass guitar line. However, I can't find any information regarding the bass notes used in the song. I don't read music and all I can find in music is the piano portion of the song. I found some information on the internet but the information was no correct. I have learned most of it by ear just listening to the song but I cannot figure the rest of it. If there is anyone who can help me with the bass notes for the song I would be very grateful. It is has always been one of my favorite songs from the sixties and it would Posted February 5, 2004
Where might I get the country western song "Eddie" by J.D. Stone? Thank you. Hugh O'Fay -

Posted February 3, 2004
I am serching for the song She's not just a pretty face. Vici Sutherland - moonspun@hot

Posted February 3, 2004
Had you ever heard of "Democrat Hot Springs" in the canyon between Lake Isabella and Bakersfield? During the 70's it was owned by Mr. Oscar Whittington, and the place jumped all year long inside the main lodge bar (winter time), and on a huge outdoor patio in the summer. My Dad (Frankie Lemon) was Oscar's drummer. Bill Woods, Jerry Ward, Tommy Collins, Big Bill Smith, Howdy Glen, Mayf Nutter, Red Simpson Sammi Smith & Little David Wilkins were all regulars there just about every weekend. It was a great time in my teenage years to be directly involved (via my Dad) with all those terriffic people and that great country music! Merle Haggard would come down there now & again, as his home used to be right at the end of the canyon (toward Bakersfield). If anyone remembers Democrat Hot Springs Let me know! Thanks again! - Ted Lemon (760) 499-9111 e-mail:

Posted January 30, 2004
Hank is one of our top singers today and wish that our country program on the radio here in bozeman montana would play his songs a lot more than they do. As far as I am concerned he is one of the leadgenary singers of the days to still to come. He is along with hank williams sr. and the singing ranger hank snow. Thanks a lot, percy & sharon Ingersoll -

Posted January 30, 2004
Trying to Get Information On The Deaths of Glen Garrison & Ruby Falls, Also Stoney Edwards. When did they Die and How??? Thanks Jack Armstrong (Formaly Of The Freddy Fender Show). Jack Armstrong -

Posted January 28, 2004
does anyone know the artist and song title to these words "it's been a long time since i've seen the home place" it's sung by a man. brenda -

Posted January 28, 2004
Does anyone know where I might purchase a CD with a song titled "Your the reason God made Oklahoma " I had a old cassette several years ago with this song but lost it It was a duet made by Lefty Frizzell and either Dottie West or Kitty Wells. Thanks - Patrick Harpe -

Posted January 23, 2004
I'm looking for information on a cowgirl singing group that went by the name Doubleday. The group consisted of Ber Kirnan, Prarie Rose, Mable Strickland, Princis Mohawk, Ruth Roach, Kittie Canutt and Prarie Lillie. Any info would be appreciated. Tom Loader -

Posted January 23, 2004
I am trying to find out the name of a FEMALE COUNTRY SINGER that sang a song about her 6 or 7 year old daughter dying from cancer or something. New Year's eve we were driving through pennsylvania and it played several times and the DJ said it was the anniversary. Some of the words were that she would hold an angels hand while she walked through the pearly gate to heaven. My wife has been trying to find out who the singer an song was. If you have a clue as to who I am talking about, Please Email me. Thanks, Dean -

Posted January 21, 2004
Hi, I am looking for the lyrics to Mel Street's song "I Met a Friend of Yours Today." If you could help me find them I would really appreciate it. Keep up the good work on your site. Keep it Country!!! Thanks, Betty Van Over -

Posted January 21, 2004
It's been a long time since ive seen the homeplace - who is the singer and what song? Richard -

Posted January 18, 2004
i seen on tv that there is old country music for sale. i would like some information on what you folks have on sale. waiting to here from someone. i love a lot of the oldes like george conway ray price an many more thanks, kathy.

Posted January 18, 2004
Back in the 1970's I recall seeing two PBS 30 minute specials about two pioneer country artists. One dealt with Uncle Dave Macon and the other with Prince Albert Hunt. The latter was produced by the Dallas, TX, PBS outlet. If anyone has any idea where a copy of either program might be obtained, please let me know. The program about Hunt may be the only one ever done. He was local to the Dallas area and died at age 35 in 1931 from gunshots fired by a jealous husband. Also, any info as to availability of Hunt reissues in the U.S.A. would be appreciated. John Gill -

Posted January 18, 2004
Does anyone out there know a steel guitar player by the name of Deon Tyson? Deon played for Ray Price for awhile and Hank Thompson. I would like to correspond with anyone who has information on him. Deon passed away in the 80s and is burried near Osceola, Mo. Doyle Brown -

Posted January 16, 2004
I am looking for the name of a song and the name of the original singer for a country western song with the words in a line of: It's been a long time since I've seen the home place. Do you know what it is as I would like to hear it. Thanks. Judy-Ann Dvernychuk -

Posted January 16, 2004
Hi everyone. Farther down I noticed a question regarding the history of country music, and one site with helpful information is at Also, I have made a tribute website to WJJD Radio at
I'll be adding history and more information to the site on a regular basis, also a web stream where you can hear older country music and some of the original WJJD station jingles and promos. Strem is at - Great site! Alan McCall -

Posted January 15, 2004
I am very much interested in returning country music back to its roots. What they call country today is a far cry from the roots of country music Artists like Roy Acuff, Vernon Dalhart, Bill Cox, Wilf Carter, Jimmy Rodgers, Gene Autry Bob Wills, etc is what true country music is all about. I'm so thankful to have a large collection of true country music in my possession. I have music by most of the traditional country artists. Also a friend and I started a traditional country music site on MSN over four years ago and its doing well, with approximate 250 plus members. We strive to post info on the real country artists and have a lot of dedicated members. Name of our site is Kountry Music Korners. I want to do whatever I can to preserve the real country music. And would appreciate joining the e-mail discussion group. Gabby -

Posted January 12, 2004
My name is Ted Lemon, my Dad was "Frankie Lemon" (Earl L. Lemon). He was a singer & drummer during the 50's 60's & 70's around the Kern Valley & Bakersfield areas, He was well known by Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, Red Simpson, Mayf Nutter, Billy Mize, George French, Gene Moles, Roy Nichols, Bill Woods, Larry Petree, Wyn Stewart, Bonnie Owens, Jean Sheppard and Oscar Whittington. Over the years he has played music with all of them. I am trying to find out more about my dad and his place in the Bakersfield sound. (I still own his drum set). I'm looking for any stories, photos, or recordings that include my dad. Can you help, or do you know anyone who can? Thank You. Sincerely, Ted Lemon (760) 499-9111 e-mail here or at:

Posted January 7, 2004
I'm looking for a old song, by a male artist that begins "Been a long time since I seen the home place". I would like to know who sings this song. Lori -

Posted January 5, 2004

Posted January 5, 2004
Need the artist to the following partial lyric: It's been a long time since i seen the home plate. Would like all lyrics plus the artist. Thank you, Jennifer. Respond ASAP -

Posted January 5, 2004

Posted January 4, 2004

Posted January 4, 2004
I saw a country and western singer from the '50 or '60 who was known for a few popular songs through his career. I believe that he died 2 - 3 years ago. I am interested in a signature dance step that he did during his performances. It appeared to be the moonwalk that was made famous by Michael Jackson. I saw a television documentary that was recounting the musicians who died during the past year and he was remembered as the unknown performer who invented the 'moonwalk'. Does you know who this is? Thanks, Paul -

Posted January 1, 2004
Dear Howard: One of the requests I have received for Dainel Jacksons CD "BETTER THINGS THAN YOU" was from a australian DJ by the name of Trudy Burke, she had many good things to say about the CD and has requested some additional information but did not send her E-mail for our reply do you have it? if so please e-mail it to us or send by mail,however I am at our Florida studio and if you have to mail it please sdend tmail it it is Claude E. Reed CER Records 5249 Sunset Ct. Cape Coral, FL 33904-5866 Claude E. Reed, CER Records -

Posted December 30, 2003
Can someone help me out? I'm looking for the artist and name of a song that goes like this. IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME SINCE I'VE SEEN THE HOME PLACE. Any help would be appreciated. Kyren.

Posted December 28, 2003
am looking for the singer "Timi Yuro"??(spelling) she sang "Hurt" back in the late 50s or early 60s. thank you, Lynne -

Posted December 26, 2003
Thanks to KHOL TV ch 13 Kearney NE for asking Dick Hill and myself (Bob Ayres)to be interviewed on 50th anniversary news segment. Dick sang "that silver haired daddy of mine" and I did "When My Blue Moon Turned to Gold Again". "Midwest Jamboree" was the most popular live Nebraska and N.Kansas, eastern Colorado country music show in those days. It began in 1955 and ended in 1959. I started the end of 56 as a drummer/guitar and rockabilly singer. KHOL TV signed on DEC 24th 1953. Other members were Roger Pape (still kickin) and 3 deceased members. They were Stan Anderson (singer/guitar), Clyde Storie (bass) and Larry Magnar (fiddle). We often had guests such as Glaser Bros. Hadley Barrett and Walt Shrum w Rusty and Vera Cline! Bob Ayres -
Posted December 26, 2003
I'm hoping someone can send me the lyricks and guitar tabs to "The Old Rugged Cross and Wings Of A Dove" by Loretta Lynn. Or maybe a web site were i can find them thanks truely. david reyna -

Posted December 24, 2003
This is a wonderful site here. Have enjoy my visit. I am devoted to bringing traditional music back. I have an all american folks voice that takes us back to our roots. Come on over and check me out.

Posted December 23, 2003
Looking for Artist who sang "Rose Of Oklahoma" 1945 - written by: Rose Black & Chaw Mank - Blue Ribbon Music Co. Thank You, Mel -

Posted December 23, 2003
I have an old 45 record made by Toostie Bess ... former owner of Tootsies Orchid Lounge. It is on the "Delta" label. "Wettest Shoulder in Town/Tootsies Wall of Fame. Does this have any Historic or monetary vale that you would know of? Alan -

Posted December 21, 2003
Looking for info. My grandparents raised him as a foster child in the early 30's. My granddad, a musician, taught him to play violin. Is there any videos of his tv show avialable? A biography of him was to be published in Nov by Susan VanHecke but never matierialized. John Reed -

Posted December 20, 2003
HotCountryMusic Magazine Rreviw of Fred Atkins' single "My Great Loss Today". at Fred Atkins -

Posted December 20, 2003
The International Traditional country music fan club, is dedicated to promoting the Traditional country, Bluegrass and Gospel artist. We publish PHOTO,S AND ARTICLES ON THE Real country music artist the Traditional ones. We also publish a special issue in September called the Hank Williams collector in Honor of his Birthday every year. This is apart of the itcmfc newsletter. fans can check out our web site at you can all so. Email me at to become a member of this fan club send me your mailing address and I will send an application membership dues $10.00 per year. We publish 3 newsletters per year. Our address P.O. Box 161 or 101 Cripple Creek Rd, Watauga, TN 37694 - Thanks - Junior O'Quinn itcmfc - President.

Posted December 17, 2003
My girl friend has a very very old record (probably the old 78s) with recordings by not just Hank Williams Sr by himself, but singing with his wife. Would this record be of any value-how can one find out. your comments would be appreciated. Dan -

Posted December 13, 2003
My name is DeWitt Scott, Sr. and I'm inquiring if I can be added to your list related to the steel guitar. Here are the projects I am involved in:
The International Steel Guitar Convention
The Steel Guitar Hall Of Fame, Inc
Scotty's Music, Inc.
The address for all the above is:
9535 Midland Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63114-3314
(314) 427-7794 Phone (314) 427-9516 Fax email address website
The International Steel Guitar Convention will host their 33rd Convention next September 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th at the Millennium Hotel in downtown St. Louis. (Always the four days prior to the Labor Day weekend) The Steel Guitar Hall Of Fame, Inc. has 45 members. A list of the name and year of induction can be rurnished plus, in you have space, the wording from each plaque.
Scotty's Music is the parent company. Sincerely,
DeWitt Scott, Sr.
International Steel Guitar Convention
The Steel Guitar Hall Of Fame, Inc.
Scotty's Music, Inc.

Posted December 11, 2003
Ernie Ashworth "The DJ Cried" i would like to purchase the song? Can Anyone help me? Rontgen Charles -

Posted December 7, 2003
I am compiling a Felts genealogy and wonder if someone would be able to give me an idea of Narvel Felts ancestry. My line of Felts came through VA and then NC, but I am collecting genealogy of all Felts hoping to someday connect most of them to the earliest one known in the colonies -- Humphry Felps of VA 1600s. Please e-mail any answers to Thanks. Cindy S. -

Posted December 7, 2003
I would like to find a copy of Lynn Anderson's 'The Christmas Album'. It was a tradition with my t hree younger sisters, at Christmastime, to listen to this album during the Christmas season and while snuggled together in bed on Christmas Eve. I would like to find the CD to give to them for Christmas this year. If you know where I can get one, and why they are so hard to find, please let me know. Thanks, Nancy Oldfather -

Posted December 7, 2003
Hi... Cousin Joe is looking for a 33 1/2rpm recording of Roy Accuff (Acuff) which included one song that is: "The story of the violin", as one of the songs. Or where he might purchase one?? Mel Murton -

Posted December 6, 2003
does anybody out there have the words to the song "one way rider" by ricky skaggs. I know that bill monroe wrote the song and later Ray Flacke made a hit on it the Skaggs also recorded it. I have searched all over the net and can not find it. Thanks, Barbara -

Posted December 6, 2003
Hi, I was wondering if you have the lyrics/chords (Notes would be helpful) for Rose Maddox's song "Beautiful Bouquet". Thanks, S M Hunt -

Posted December 5, 2003
I have written a book for aspiring gospel songwriters. visit: - Larry Petree -

Posted December 3, 2003
Where can a buy tapes or a CD by Sammi Smith? Ms. Millie -

Posted December 3, 2003
looking for other musicians in southern indiana west have need of 1 or 2 - gladys heacock -

Posted November 28, 2003
i am hoping you can help me find out what happen to a friend of mine who sang a song on sat nights for his little sweetherat loretta. his name was rudy hanson ihad a record and picture of him and i at a fair here in ohio. i always stayed up for the hayride never missed it. i sing every night i can find karaoke some where i sing loretta and pasty mostly- loretta -

Posted November 25, 2003
Great info on Patsy Montanna. My mother and aunt used to sing on WLS. My great uncle was Jack Taylor of the Prairie Ramblers. Could you direct me to some more info on them. Thank you, Don -

Posted November 25, 2003
Hey all Reba fans - y'all know that Reba just came out with a new album called "Room to Breathe"?! I just recently got the album from a friend who works at Universal and I love it. Reba is so awesome. Actually my favorite song is "I'm Gonna Take that Mountain", it's so catchy and fun! Anyway, if you're a fan of Reba you should also check out her TV appearances during Thanksgiving weekend on CNN Daily News. But if you want more info on Reba join the Reba team at or just go to - enjoy! -

Posted November 24, 2003
I really love your web site. Keep it up. Guys uwa wu paw paw. saba owerri -

Posted November 22, 2003
Need information on country and western singer James "Mississippi Slme" Osborne. I would appreicate it very much. I have not been able to find anything on him at all, and he is suppose to be in the country music hall of fame. - Thank you. billy hollinger

Posted November 22, 2003

Posted November 20, 2003
Can anyone verify that Ken Maynard was not the first singing cowboy in Hollywood Silent/Talkie Silver Screen Films between 1922 to 1930? Such as The 1929 Wagon Master Film, The Lonestar Trails Song, Cowboys Lament Song who originally first sang this song? Randy -

Posted November 19, 2003
Hello, I'm trying to find a website where it explains the history of Country and how it all started. And that defines what is real country is all about. Not those pop country today such as Dixie Chicks and so on. It sucks. I'm glad that you show those real country artist on your page. Keep it up and keep it real.
              Another question. You don't consider Junior Brown is real country? Or is it some kind of blend? And I notice a picture of Garth Brooks with a buster logo on it. But my guess would be that his music isn't real country?
              Hope you can cover these questions. And I am trying to find some helps and a real meaning to country music. It also would help me to explain to my friends who are listening to those crappy pop country bands. So sad. Really. Thanks for reading and keep spreading the truth on about real country! Billy -

Posted November 17, 2003
Hi. I have been doing karoke I gotten pretty good, but still help with timing to music without the words how can I learn this. And old is too old to try to get into country singing. Thanks Brenda (nick name Sunshine).

Posted November 17, 2003
I wonder if somebody knows the title of the song & singer, one of the lines in it is It is been a long time when I have seen the homeplace or something like that. thanks. Joanne -

Posted November 17, 2003
Just wondering what it'll take to get Glen Campbell in the Hall of Fame? They should give him the respect and recognition that he deserves. And I sure hope they don't honor him after he passes away. Mike -

Posted November 16, 2003
I want the lyrics to a song called god on the mountain.

Posted November 16, 2003
Hi I recently came across your site which is very informative. I have a rather odd question I thought perhaps you could help me with. My father Don Deal who used to be Don Deal and the moontars is recieving an award on November 22. It is supposedly a life time achievement award but I can't find any thing on it. Have you heard any thing on this? Sincerely, Dawn J Yanca (Deal)-

Posted November 16, 2003
Subject: Dale "Stoney" Cooper
Was just checking your website ... Yes, Dale's first job was with "Rusty" Hiser (my brother) in West Virginia, and I was surprised to see it on the web. "Rusty" went with Blaine Smith at WWVA in Wheeling and later reorganized The Green Valley Boys at WHIZ Zanesville, OH for a short time, then "gave it up" and seeked other employment. Roy Hiser, Cincinnati, OH -

Posted November 13, 2003
Mr. Vokes, How are you? I hope you remember me I'm sent you some of my cd's a few months back and you sent me alot of information on places to send my material,(thanks) I sent a lot of demos but didn't get any replies. Dave Schak did send me an email. He said he had my material put aside and he is going to do something with it later, I don't know what. Anyway if you need some good songs sometimes, don't forget me. Get my cd's out and listen to them ever once in a while. The country cd's have some good novelty songs on them. Tony Glenn Rast of Sun Star Songs has shown some intrest in my songs. I will close for now (thanks). Bro. Lamar Mixon -

Posted November 12, 2003
Hi... I need the lyric of this song ... I think the title is: "Always true" but I'm not sure. And who is the autor? Part of the lyric that I know: "It seems like yesterday, not far away, when she first came to him..." "And if you hear me say I do, [...] I love you, these are the words I say to always and you share your life with me, then there is nothing we can't be, together forever you and me always true... "
Anybody??? thanx! Andres -

Posted November 11, 2003

Posted November 10, 2003
Just recently dec., my father past away at that time. I was given a photo album that contained a lot of family pictures. Among all the pictures there were some country stars as my dad loved country music. I remember going to see all kind of country stars. Anyway, back to the point, there were two pictures of Buck Owens, I believe in a bar not sure. I am sure the pictures were before 1963 because dad was with my mom and she died in 1963. I was wondering if there was someone that collects that kind of stuff. My e mail address is

Posted November 10, 2003
I just want to congratulate you for such a great website. I, for one, still like the "traditional" country sound. To call a lot of today's music "country" is a joke. If I wanted to hear rock music, I would tune to a rock station. But, in my opinion, it's getting harder and harder to tell the difference.

Posted November 10, 2003
I really need to know the title of a song that is sung by a male country artist of years ago (I think). Title and Artist would be good, my daughters and I have been trying to figure it out for weeks. It starts like this ... 'Its been a long time since I've seen the home place ....' We are mighty appreciative of any help we can get.

Posted November 10, 2003
Fort Worth new Home of Classic Country Music?
The Country Legends Association is considering a move to Fort Worth, Texas. At present we are in negotiations with influential parties that are working with the CLA to make this happen. A New home for Real Country Music which can be the most prestigious event in Country Music today. This move will benefit the country music industry and give worldwide attention that has been lacking as far as Classic Country music is concerned for some time.
              Since the industry has neglected to recognize that there is a huge fan base, that they have tried to program through the media for what they call country music is not working anymore.
              If you are a fan, or involved in any aspect of the industry we would like to ask for your support and suggestions. This association is built on the need for fair to all basis to further the art of country music. Please visit the Country Legends Association web site and express your concerns and opinion.
              Let your voice be heard support The Music America Loves... The heart of Texas has opened up the door to the Country Legends Association. We want to express our appreciation of your love for our kind of music.
              Thanks, Russ Nelson, Public Relations, CLA -

Posted November 10, 2003
Hi Traditional Country Hall Of Fame. This was a great site. Best of luck. Wanna airplay your favorite song on this NEW country music radio?? Eagle Country Radio - Broadcasting on the internet (Worldwide) 24 hours a day. Best Country Songs And Upcoming Hits Online Always!
Wanna airplay your favorite song? Write a message ..... Post your request,and take the opportunity to write a message to a friend. You HAVE A VOICE! Playlist: Weekly updates - every Sunday. Billboard Top 20 TWICE EVERY DAY! Eagle Country Radio - Airplay Your Favorite Song.

Posted November 10, 2003
I am looking for pictures of jug band instruments for a project my office is working on for Christmas. The types we are in need of are wash boards, bucket type  basses, etc. The kind used by the Hee Haw girl jug band. If you know where I might find picture on the web or if you might have anything to help me I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much, Mary -

Posted November 7, 2003
Subject: Awards Show
I have some comments to make on the most prestigous award that CMA gives out. It is not the Entertainer of the Year or the Male/Female Vocalist of the Year, etc., it is the Hall of Fame Award.  This year is was bestowed on Floyd Cramer posthumously, and to Carl Smith, who was given a front row seat with his beautiful wife, Goldie Hill.  And what did CMA do when he was acknowledged on stage by Vince Gill. He stood up took his hat off, waved to crowd and smiled. Was not even given the courtesy of thanking his family, friends, fans and the country music industry. I for one consider this a slap in the face to his many fans, and most of all to Carl. Not allowing his the opportunity to give a short speech. CMA continues to disrespect the legends of country music. You have done it again Ed Benson and CMA. When are guys ever going to learn to respect the achievements of these pioneers. When country music was struggling, who kept it alive. Maybe Carl would not have talked, but we will never know. The CMA is lucky that he even attended, but they need to come forward and explain their actions, and maybe even, "We apologize Carl for not allowing you to say a few words of thanks to your family, friends and fans."  And it sure the hell wasn't a time problem because the production company screwed up time and time again. What about when Rascal Flatts gave their award to Randy Owens and Alabama, (unespected), but gracious on Rascal Flatts count. I give them thumbs up for this wonderful gesture. I am sure that Randy Owens and CMA and CBS producer Walter Miller, did not know this was going to happen, but it did, and still no Carl Smith allowed to open his mouth. Then how about Vince Gill having nothing to do at the end of the show for almost 3 minutes. And Jo Dee Messina and Tracy Byrd having to stand there like bumps on logs, because some tech couldn't get the teleprompter working for them. How about the sound tech who screwed up the Johnny Cash Tribute by not having the microphones working properly, and some of the voice sound was not as good as in previous years. Less Vince Gill talking which was not good, because he is such a great host. I guess because of more music.  Here we go with rating again, but no talk from Carl Smith. How disrespectful can you become CMA? 
              And who would have thought that Vince would have to give Brooks and Dunn their Duo of the Year Award, just as they were leaving the stage after the finished their song. The Award evidently is not as prestigous as it once was, especially since Brooks & Dunn have won it 11 times.  I am wondering why these special two people had to receive the award on the run. TOO MUCH MUSIC, BUT I WILL ADMIT GREAT MUSIC, especially Johnny Cash Tribute, Toby Keith, Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett, Norah Jones and Dolly Parton, Martina McBride, and my favorite, Shania Twain. If anyone listened to the audience reaction to Shania's song, my case is solid. She may not be bone country, but she is talented and her song last night was a winner, winner. I know a lot of people will have pro's and con's to me.
              Two special moments that I am sure did not go unnoticed were Martina McBride's emotional performance of her new song about "Daughter." What a super awesome song, as Vince said, but let's not something special go without a comment, Vince Gill with his daughter by his side, singing harmony with her Dad. What a touching moment.
              Today has got to have Toby Keith scratching his head, as we all are. Last night CMA could have set a one-night precedent by giving out Two Entertainer of the Year Awards and Male Vocalist of the Year Awards to both Alan Jackson and Toby Keith.  My friends, country music strongly needs both of these super dudes, and there is another one on the way with Darryl Worley.  What Toby accomplished in music this past year has been awesome, and to walk away 0 for 7, something is wrong. Kudo's to Alan Jackson for giving Toby a reassurance that his day is coming and it will be soon. When the CMA awards eluded Alan for all those years, he still did what he loved the most, he wrote and recorded his music, and that is what Toby Keith is doing. He lives on the edge like a friend of mine, Johnny PayCheck. CMA, you screwed up last night, but if we take into consideration what was the worst screw up, it would have to be not allowing Carl Smith to speak. Shame, shame, shame on you.  CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP-LIKE THEY REALLY CARE FOR PEOPLE LIKE US WHO SPEAK OUT!!!
              Hey Ed, remember a couple of years ago, the letter I sent to you in regard to getting caught up with those who should be in the Hall of Fame, well I think you need to go and read that letter again. You did bring a group in a couple of years ago, but a mass induction would be a great infusion for country music. We keep waiting until they pass on to give them their respect and just dues.
              Congrats to John Carter Cash and Kathy Cash for the way they carried on with the Cash Legacy and for their Mom and Dad. John and Kathy were thrilled that all these awards were coming to Johnny for all that he has done for music in general. He is a hero across this planet we call earth. Did we get a congratulatory note from President Bush?
              Well I am done spouting off, so I will take the heat when it comes, but just like TK, I stand up for what I witnessed and heard last night. On a number from 1 to 10, my ratings of the show were 8. WHO CARES-RIGHT. Marty Martel -

Posted November 6, 2003
Can you tell me if the grand old opry is on tv anymore. we us to watch it on Sat night can not find it anymore. Thank you, Anna Gompf -

Posted November 6, 2003
Hello, my name is Scott Reynolds, son of the legendary Donn Reynolds - King of the Yodelers. I'd like to take this opportunity to compliment your efforts in producing such a fantastic website. Your enthusiasm toward the musical history, artists, and culture of country music is clearly evident as I admired your pages. It's the surprising absence of Donn's reference within your great depth of historical detail, why I feel it most relevent to draw your attention to my late father's illustrious career.
              Donn is a former International and World Yodeling Champion and a star of song and screen, performing on countless stages and television shows worldwide. His friends included the likes of Hank Snow, Peggy Lee, Roy Rogers, Marty Robbins, Ray Price, Roy Clark, and Buck Owens. His acting credits include the films Eureka Stockade (1949), She Wore A Yellow Ribbon (1949), Arena (1953), and the lead role as Davy Crockett in the British musical. His recordings include several worldwide hit singles for MGM, Columbia, and RCA.
              In 1978 Donn established the world record for the longest yodel by yodeling non-stop for 7 hours and 29 minutes. In 1984 he set the world record for the fastest yodel...Achievements placing him in both Guinness Book of World Records and Ripley's Believe It or Not!
              I welcome you to visit Donn's new official website for further reading and sampling of his online music! In fact, I would be grateful to exchange links with your wonderful website. I think our site material is very relevent to each other and would provide our visitors mutually beneficial resources! I would also gladly share any reference material (biographical/audio/images) should you consider Donn's inclusion as expansion of your website!
              Thanks again for providing us country music fans such an excellent online experience!

Posted November 2, 2003
Does anyone know how to contact Jodena Summey, Clell (Cousin Jody) Summey's daughter? My mother, Christine Sellers, is Clell's first cousin. Her mother and Clell's father were brother and sister.

Posted October 31, 2003
I would like info on Patsy's brother known as Ken Montana and his wife known as Texas Lil. My father, Dean Cates was also born in Beaudry Arr in 1907, Mr. Blevins was a school teacher at that time. In later years we aree also acquainted with Mrs Blevinas and My Mom and Dad were friends with Ken and his wife, then lost contact with them.

Posted October 31, 2003
Hello I am CIndy Lane Adams Singer/Songwriter from Massachusettes I would like to keep in touch!My love for Country Music is very much alive up hear in New England.I sing and write my own music!I am Female Vocalist for Massachusettes and Rhode Island. Visit http://www.radiocountry under the songwriter menu (Cindy Lane Adams) I have a songs you might like "Grammas Waltz" "Tree in the Front Yard" You can listen over your Computer .Love to meet Country Music Fans! We need to keep it growing. No matter where I go I meet people who love Country Music and still want to hear the great music it is. from Cindy -

Posted October 30, 2003
Hello, I'm a musician, songwriter and producer with country soul. I'm 28, I'm from Spain, and I'd like to try my luck in Nashville. Next November I'll be in Nashville. Can you help me?, I'm looking for some contacts in music business. I've recorded a good album performing the whole production. I compose and play up 12 instruments. If you can help me , please tell me. Thanks, George - -

Posted October 28, 2003
i like the older songs especially the statler bros, religous music and I alsoe like the more traditional music like George Jones and George Strait and Alan Jackson do. I like the cobowys stars hat could yodel. Yes -

Posted October 28, 2003
Do you know if there is any film footage of Leon Payne? This is kind of a strange story. But I own a collector car that his son, Leon Jr. used to own (he bought it new) He, Jr., is trying to help me find some of the original pieces to the car, and he asked if I could help find any footage (of any kind) of his father. Any help/information would be greatly appreciated. If it's any help, Leon told me his father performed on KRLD radio here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and was associated with Stone Productions. Thanks, Tem Greene -

Posted October 28, 2003
I play classic country and bluegrass music on my radio program on WOBO 88.7 fm every Friday morning from 8 am til 12 noon. Am willing to take any "old" or 'traditional" music for playing on my show ... must be in CD format.

Posted October 26, 2003
Hey You Guys! You still have time to get tickets for the "Back in Town" concert by Asleep at the Wheel's lead man Ray Benson with special guests Tori Anderson & Possum Holler. The show is Friday November 7th at the former Oldtown MD school. Doors open at 6 pm. Show at 7 pm. This is a benefit for the Paw Paw Senior Center Building project. Oldtown school is located along MD Rt 51 between Paw Paw, WV and Cumberland, MD. Advanced tickets are available for $20 & $15. For tickets you can email me or contact Julie at 304-947-7922 or email

Posted October 26, 2003
Would you happen to have the words to the song Minnie Pearl sang/recited "What is an American". Need for veterans appreciation banquet by Saturday. The Morgans -

Posted October 23, 2003
Where would I locate online the sheet music for guitar and the tabulations for the harmonica to "Waltz Across Texas" by Ernest Tubbs. Thanking you in advance.

Posted October 23, 2003
Traditional Country Music and Rockabilly Hall of Famer, Colonel Robert Morris Under New Management.
              Senatobia, MS - October 20,2003 - Colonel Robert Morris Traditional Country and Rockabilly Hall of Fame Songwriter and Musician is pleased to announce effective immediately, he will be represented by Kelly F. Callahan, his new "Manager" in the Country Music Business Industry. Ms. Callahan has worked with various artists as a Manager, Booking agent and Promotions in the field of Country Music, Pop/Rock and Heavy Metal from her home office in the heartland of her home state Indiana. She is very excited in joining forces and representing Colonel Robert Morris, and foresees many successes in the future for the talented songwriter/musician.
              The Colonel has performed with Bluegrass legend "Bill Monroe", "Ma Rainey", "Little Laura Dukes", "Big Sam Clark", "Memphis Slim", "Furry Lewis", "B. B. King", "Prince Gabe", "Charlie Feathers", and worked in studio with "Bill Glore". In 1988 Colonel Robert Morris and his wife Irene shared a cameo appearance in the movie "Leningrad Cowboys Go America", which aired on Cinemax.
              Colonel Robert Morris is currently working on writing songs for Capitol Records - Tennessee, which he and his new manager are seeking to contract with.
KC Music Enterprises
Kelly F. Callahan - President
202 N. Graham St.
Cambridge City, IN 47327
Phone: 765-478-3508

Posted October 21, 2003
What was the #1 song on October 31st 1953, 63, 73, 83, 93?

Posted October 14, 2003
... for the hours you volunteered, so patiently teaching me what a URL is, and how to post it on a message board
... for posting my song "It's Almost Daybreak" on message boards last year around Christmastime
... for the patience you showed while adding my music bio and songs onto your MUSIC FOR WEBS, and taking off, and adding on some songs and information, as it became necessary
... for letting me know that the webpage you made for me "was still there" and keeping it going so people can hear my two favorite songs
... for all this, and so much more
... for always keeping open a friendly door
"Called by Some The Canadian Sweetheart" was Wendell Fowler's gift to me at:
I invite you to meet Wendell Fowler's wonderful family at:

Posted October 14, 2003
Where can I find music and words to Rockytop Tenn. Thank you, Carole -

Posted October 13, 2003
Guys thanks for all the songs you've listed, but I'm looking for the words to the old fiddle tune called "I don't love no body." Do you happen to have these? Thanks, Mac -

Posted October 13, 2003
I'm looking for a Cowboy Copas album called "Don't shake hands with the devil" it's for my wife for Christmas if possible. Please help me find this if you can. Thank you, Bob Delre -

Posted October 13, 2003
What ever has happened to Mack Davis? Don't hear of him on TV or the country music world anymore? Les Regierles -

Posted October 13, 2003
Just wanted to let the guys in the band know they are doing a fine job. I was introducted to the Great Divide in Austin TX a couple of weeks ago at the Midnight Rodeo with some girl friends and we followed them to the Hall of Fame in College Station, TX the very next weekend. You all are very talented, total gentlemen and PDH. I went out today and purchased your cd's and look forward to the next one. I have read your website and think you have a lot going and I wish you much success. Keep up the good work. Wish I knew where you guys were going next - plan to see ya again. -

Posted October 13, 2003
YES! 8-yr. old RACHAEL LYNN is #1 on SOUNDCLICK COUNTRY GENERAL CHART TODAY! Way to go, beautiful little Rachael! Don't stop now. You have a lifetime of music to share with the rest of the world. May it bring you happiness in your heart to know that you and your music are loved so much. Folks, if you haven't heard "Yodeling Cowboy" by Rachael Lynn, I invite you to visit:
With love from Canada, EVY -

Posted October 13, 2003
Ray Price and Kenny Price: Are they related? Is Ray Price still living?

Posted October 7, 2003
I am looking for the names of the original WSM Barndance members. I am not sure what year it would have been but I have been told my grandfather along with his brother sang. Their names were Jim and Charlie. I really don't know if he went by Jim or James or maybe even Jimmy. I would appreciate any help given. -

Posted October 6, 2003
Here in Virginia the traditional country music fans suffered a blow last week when our local country station, WKCW, 1420AM of Warrenton, VA without warning suddenly went off the air on Sept 29, then came back on the air in a new format (all Spanish-speaking Mariachi music; no kidding, it's not modern "Latin" format). Calls to the station have not been returned. Information on local broadcasting internet column said that new owners (Multicultural Broadcasting, from NJ), have fired the station staff and the Mexican music is a signal fed into the transmitter from another location. Warrenton, VA is a semi-rural area about 40 miles from Washington, DC with many country music fans. I've been to packed bluegrass music festivals there, but I've never even heard Spanish music played in cars at the 7-11. This format change baffles everyone I've talked to.
              The station had been on the air in the traditional country music format since 1960, with a very loyal following. Long time DJ Tomcat Reeder has been a fixture on our airwaves for decades. It has been our only local source of "traditional " country on the airwaves in this area, featuring a great variety including music of Merle Haggard, Connie Smith, George Jones, J.Cash, Don Gibson, etc. as well as newer artists such as The Derailers and Dale Watson. Dan Chute, Vienna, VA -

Posted October 5, 2003
Hi, are you searching for an award winning Christmas song that will top the charts in one week? Email me i hold 2003 copyrights to this unpublished work. Its supernatural power will help our Lord and Savior redeem our world. God Bless You All. Sincerely,

Posted October 5, 2003
On behalf of a friend of mine I am searchin for sheet music chords (guitar) the song, Six Times a Day. Also, the album, Live at the Wheeling Truck Drivers' Jamboree. Can anyone help?

Posted October 2, 2003
I am in the process of moving the Country Music Disc Jockey Hall of Fame "wall of fame" from Opryland to a new location. The plaque for WJJD radio's Honest John Trotter is missing. I need a photo of John to recreate it, and I don't have one. Since many of this website readers have followed Country radio for a long time, perhaps one of you has a photo of John they could lend me. Ed Salamon

Posted September 30, 2003
Hi: I can't find anything on the Internet about "Mac and Bob", Lester McFarland and Robert Gardner. Their singing on WLS should be noted in CM history. Records like, "When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain" and "When It's Night Time in Nevada" were classics! Thanks, Orville Levean -

Posted September 30, 2003
FUZZY WHITENER was my grandfather who recorded a Rockabilly LP with Jerry Dykes & His Band in May of 1958 on Starday Records. He is also listed in the Rockabilly Hall of Fame. One of the songs on the LP was "Sugar Buggar." I would absolute love to get my hands on this record and would be willing to give a pretty penny for it. If anyone at all has any information on this record, Fuzzy Whitener, Jerry Dykes, or the members of Jerry Dykes' band, please email me with the good news. Thank you so very much! Most Sincerely, Bo Whitener - - 936-295-4274

Posted September 28, 2003

Posted September 25, 2003
Hi, I am looking for the chords to the song ... Family Bible. In G or D please. Thanks, Mari -

Posted September 24, 2003
Hi, maybe you can help us here .... we are looking for an old set of flim's on a country music show ... it was 1954 ... it was on KCOP--C-13--remote--at 7:30 it was called ... The County Barn Dance Jubilee, with Les "Carrto top" Andersen as the MC. IN Baldwin Park, Calif. Ralph T. Hicks Production. Thank you. Billy Bryant Bitteroot Productions -

Posted September 24, 2003
Do you know the artist and is the music available for the song "Do I Have the Right TO Walk Here?'' Current around 1950's.

Posted September 21, 2003
How to find kiss country concerts?

Posted September 21, 2003
i would like to find the words to a traditional bluegrass song called julie anne. Can you help me?

Posted September 21, 2003

Posted September 17, 2003
Who took the 'western' out of 'country and western' music? Where did the love of singing go? Now it's all about money. How very sad! What happened to our heros???

Posted September 17, 2003

Posted September 10, 2003
Nice site!! I heard that the Grand Old Opry is moving from CM. There not going to quit till the old Opry is lost forever!! So Sad!! Dan - Electricbanjoman

Posted September 10, 2003
Crystal, it wasn't Nitty Gritty Dirt Band-Fishin in the Dark was it? Also, does anyone know who sings the song Satin Sheets? Thanks, Katrin -

Posted September 9, 2003
I produce a very popular country music TV show here in the Florida panhandle called The Back Porch Country Show. We are featuring up and coming singers who sing older and new styled country music. We are purposely using the older style to keep our legends alive and well known in the country music field. We invite any of your country humorist to submit tapes of their humor for free air play. Simply include your correct name, mailing address, and release form to be able to air your performance. There is no charge and we do not pay for submissions as we try to promote the performer to our audience. Simply send a quality performance taping to Dale Pollard, Executive Producer, Back Porch Country Show, 6341 Butternut Drive, Milton, Florida 32583. -

Posted September 8, 2003
HI... JUST WANTED TO LET YOU KNOW, OF A STATION THAT PLAYS TRADITIONAL COUNTRY/CLASSIC COUNTRY ...  6 DAYS A WEEK ... FROM MONDAY THROUGH SATURDAY. WE'RE TALKING WOBO 88.7 FM IN CINCINNATI OHIO (PUBLIC RADIO). EVERY MORNING THROUGH THE WEEK STARTING AT 8 AM TIL 12 NOON... YOU HEAR  Ernest Tubb, Carl Perkins, Bashful Brother Oswald, George Jones, Conway, Charlie Pride, Charlie Rich, Webb Pierce, The Light Crust Doughboys, Slim Willett, Porter Waggoner, Merle, Willie, Marty,  Patsy Cline, Loretta, Dolly, Wilma Lee,  Buck Owens, Grandpa Jones, Stringbean, and I could go on and on ... everyday of the week, from 8 am til 12 noon... and on Monday nights from 8 till midnight... and Thursday Nights from 4 pm til 8 pm. They play the old stuff ... the older the better our listeners like it. We're growing in popularity ... we're honest to goodness traditional - where can I find that country!! grace" -

Posted September 7, 2003
Hello. My name is Crystal and I¹m not sure if you can help, but it¹s worth a shot.   I'm trying to find the name of a country group and the song that was popular in the mid 90s. Now, it wasn¹t an alternative band. I almost want to say that it¹s a bluegrass group, but I'm not positive. Do you have any suggestions on how to figure this out? I don't remember a whole lot about the song, but some of the words in the "chorus" were about watching the stars in the sky and fishing.  I'm sure that doesn¹t help a lot. The thing that makes it even more difficult is that I don't think it was a HUGE hit. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Crystal -

Posted September 5, 2003
Hey folks, Just wondering if anyone knows of Johnny Cash playing live or touring anytime in the future? Johnny has played in my home town of Nashville, Indiana at the Little Nashville Opry for years and I was wondering if he was coming back? Appreciate any replys, Thanks, Jeff - Posted September 5, 2003
hello tennessee, never been ,but i surely want to visit. i love country music, real,traditional country music. it is where it all started with greats like hank williams and roy accuff and little jimmy dickens and there all of those ladies, kitty wells and patsy cline. it don't get any better then that.
today you have people like danni leigh and dale watson doing their best to keep real traditional country music alive. this is my first visit to this site, so i'll just have a look around. best to all mike. mike lupton -

Posted September 2, 2003
greetings. my name is billy shea, i am the son of jerry shea. please tell mr. sharp that i would look very much towards meeting him. i have some pictures as does my mother which i believe you have communicated with. i also have some memories. if mr. sharp needs anything, my assistance is available at your request. i look forward to meeting the two of you. sincerely, billy -

Posted September 1, 2003

Posted September 1, 2003
I would like to know about SKEETER DAVIS as the last time I heard she was realy sick. Has she passed away or is she just unable to be out? Helen D. Fillingim -

Posted August 30, 2003
Hey all! I am here today, because I came across the find of a life time, I think, and am trying to find out if what I have is for real. I recently found an old Photograph of the Grand Ole Opry Crew, that has "Berlin 1949" printed across the top of it, and of the 17 persons in the photo, there are what appear to be the autographs of 10 or 12 of these people. I say they appear to be autographs, because I can't be sure, but a couple of them looks very much like all the autographs I've ever seen of Hank Williams, Sr., and another looks like Roy Acuff's. There are also signatures from Minnie Pearl, and "Little" Jimmie Dickens, as well as others. I guess basically what I need to know from the rest of you Grand Ole Opry enthusiasts, is....Did the Grand Ole Opry actually play in Berlin in 1949, were these people actually there, and if so, are these actual autographs? How do I find this out? Please help and e-mail me at: with any ideas you think may be helpful in obtaining answers to these questions. Posted August 26, 2003
looking for the roy rogers tribute to download for a good friend of mine. it has quite a few of today's country artist. i think that they have been put in there like they were singing along with him. IF ANYONE CAN HELP ME FIND THIS IT WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED BY A SPECIAL FRIEND OF MINE.!!! THANK U AND HAVE REAL GOOD DAY, GALEN COOPER -

Posted August 25, 2003
Hello you all country lovers, I'm Nol from Maastricht a town in the south of the Netherlands. I love music, Rockabilly/Hillybilly/Country/Gospel and doowop. Did you know that Daryl Stogner is working on a cd album you be able to listen to some songs on his page. Go there by visiting the Dave Stogner page, the late David Stogner is his Father, David whas a great country fiddler and singer. His music lives on also through his son Daryl go visit his site he's a nice person ... remember Daryl Stogner. Dave Stogner. Also Kitty Houston is one of a kind I just love her music, sounds like Brenda Lee, Wanda Jackson and Norma Jean with a own style and a great voice ... Kitty Houston ... one Country Queen for sure. Have a good time country friends ... see ya!! - Nol Voorst -

Posted August 25, 2003
Now Booking for the 2004 Season: BUDDY MERRIAM & BACK ROADS. Traditional & Original Bluegrass featuring Buddy MERRIAM on mandolin - ( go to "Sound" to hear this amazing Band. The New Favorite Bluegrass Band in the Northeast! Keeping true to the real traditional sound of bluegrass as Buddy¹s friend and mentor Bill Monroe taught him. Look for Buddy and Back Roads: CMT's "Bluegrass Sounds", 2002. "Bluegrass Journey" a new documentary film sweeping the country-a feature at this years Woodstock Film Festival, 2003. Cumberland Highlander Show, PBS featuring Buddy & BR¹s at the homeplace of Bill Monroe, 2003. For Bookings Contact LI Light Music - Kathleen 631-744-7799 or

Posted August 24, 2003
"I Don't Know Where To Start" by Eddie Rabbit. I understand it is in an album. Which one? How can I obtain it. I Love that particular song. Lynne Stuhltrager -

Posted August 21, 2003
In 1972, Tommy Collins recorded "Opal you ask me" on the flip side of the Wildwood Flower. Do you know where I could find that in digital format? I have the record but it is worn out and no longer plays. Thanks.

Posted August 21, 2003
Hey John Bower, I saw your request for info on Curly Fox & Texas Ruby from Aug 10th. I posted your request on a Hank Williams Message Board ( and got some responses. I put it on that Message board because I knew that steel guitar legend Jimmy Porter frequented it. Jimmy played steel for both Hank Williams and Curly Fox and Texas Ruby. Use address to see Jimmy and others responses.
For more info on Jimmy Porter goto The Drifting Cowboys Website
Nathan -
Posted August 20, 2003
In the 1970 era who sang the song "Georgia Pine" Where could I find a copy of the record? Joe Breeding -

Posted August 18, 2003
I'm looking for the words to a country gospel song called The Third Man would welcome any help you can give me. Rebecca Mullins -

Posted August 18, 2003
Does anybody out in web land know if singer Jerry Wallace of Primrose Lane fame is still living. Any info on his life would be appreciated. The bio I hae been able to find on him is very short and only tells about his singing career. I would like info on his entire life, family, etc. Thanks for your help. blondie -

Posted August 12, 2003
I agree that the real country music is the music of the original Carter Family, Jimmy Rodgers, The Delmore Brothers (before they went on other styles in the 50-ties. Nowadays there are too much other influences, good music on it's own but not real country music. And do you know what the problem is: I live in Holland and in every music store I can buy Garth Brooks and other modern country-related singers. Lynn Anderson's Rose Garden? how many CD's do you want sir? But the Carters, the Delmores, The Blue Sky boys, Th Louvin Brothers etc. you have to find with a little candle. Now I am searching for the music of June Carter Cash: in the end I found her CD "press on" but don't ask me how and after how many hours. Now I am searching for the CD "Wildwood flowers (a sort of tribute to June Carter)and only where can I buy it: in the states and NOT without a credit card.
              What I want to say is: yes countrymusic must become real country music again AND it has to be sold all over the world more than nowadays. Sorry for my English, it is not my native lanquage but besides that ... we all come together in love of that old country music and then we will understand each other easily. Greetings from that little country on the North sea named Holland.
Willem Rol -

Posted August 10, 2003
I just wish to update everyone on the upcoming events for Vernon Oxford. We are very proud to announce that Vernon Oxford will become a member of the Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame in Missouri Valley, Iowa, during the induction ceremonies on August 31, 2003. He will be performing Saturday night, August 30, on the main stage at 7:30 pm, and also after the inductance at 1:30 pm on Sunday, August 31, 2003 also on the main stage.
              We are working on getting many dates for him across Europe and I will be letting you know where and when in a future post. Also, Vernon will be in Illinois this weekend for a few gospel music performances for churches in that area as well.
              I just wished to let folks that are interested know where you may see Vernon Oxford, and we hope to see you in Missouri Valley, IA the weekend of August 30-31, 2003. Thanks to all of the fans of Vernon Oxford for your support. RW -

Posted August 10, 2003
...any information/bio on Texas Ruby and Curly Fox. Is there any of their music on CD's? I remember a song my Mother loved called "Big Silver Tears" by Texas Ruby. I would love to hear it again. Thanks, and Regards ... John Bower -

Posted August 6, 2003
Can anyone help me out with a song called "Queenie of the Rails" ? Tex Gumleaf -

Posted July 31, 2003
Hello. Do you know of any web sites which have the lyrics to classic country songs from the 1930's and 1940's? I' m trying to locate the lyrics to some old songs such as "Forgive Me" and "Headin' Down the Wrong Highway." Your time and help are very much appreciated. Sincerely, Jack in Baltimore, Maryland -

Posted July 31, 2003
Looking to replace retiring Cowboy singer/yodeler/upright bass player that would like to spend summers in Durango, Colorado. Cy Scarborough -

Posted July 30, 2003
Who knows the actual wedding date of Tammy Wynette and George Jones? I can find the year but not the date. Nancy Hein -

Posted July 28, 2003
I have met norman wade in person in salisbury maryland and would like to know how to contact him by email anyone knowing how to contact him please email me at - thank you very much, yours in traditional country, MEL ADKINS

Posted July 16, 2003
I'm looking for the lyrics to a song call I always get a souvenir sung by Tommy Collins. Could you help me. H. Taylor -

Posted July 15, 2003
Just 3 months ago I discovered your excellent website. It is a goldmine of CM. I spent hours surfing in it. It's fun. I printed all profiles of CM greats and the Rockabilly HoF is fantastic too. Today I discovered the fantastic Marty Robbins website. In my opinion he is # 1 all -time versatile singer/songwriter. Nobody can fill his shoes. He could sing any kind of song and was perfect. Well I was raised on hill-billy and rock-a-billy and that good ole rock'n'roll listening in 1960 (I was just 18 then) to AFN radio st. from Frankfurt, Germany. I had to get up very early. I discovered the beauty of that great music. It has been a part of my life. I can not live without it. I am male, educated and a teacher of German in one of our local highschools. I have a part time job. I am a CM d.j. at a small FM radio st. on the campus of our local Institute of Technology (11 000 students). I have 3 shows a week; 35 min. each. I play only solid trad. old and new CM (I ignore that cont. junk from Nashville), gospel, rock-a-billy, good ole rock-and-roll, bluegrass, some folk and blues, cajun, Western. The problem I encounter here is the lack of recorded stuff as nothing is available here and I can not afford to order those expensive Bear Family recordings. I need some help and support. I mean some promo copies. Anything. Thanx a million in advance for your kind assistance. Take care and good luck and keep up the great work. Kindest regards from Poland, Institute of Technology FM Radio, CM d. j. - Miroslaw Desperak, P. O. Box 713, Pl - 42 200 Czestochowa/Poland * Europe -

  Posted July 15, 2003
Hi everyone, A friend of mine wrote me and asked if I could help him find information on a singer who recorded on MGM and other labels in the late 40's and early 50's by the name of Jack Hart, which according to him was a pseudonym for Jack Williams or Jack Dean Williams.
              One of the recordings he made on MGM 11338 78 rpm was as by 'Jack Hart and the Hired Hands': 'Rabbits Don't Ever Get Married' with 'Shoot Out The Lights' on the other side. Evidently there was a reissue of the B side and the title was either changed or it was a typographical error somewhere as it was issued on MGM K11338 45 rpm as 'Knock Out The Lights' with 'Still Waters' on the B side.
              Hart (Williams) is said to have recorded at least 4 sides with MGM. He may have recorded under his own name or used another pseudonum for the following tunes which he wrote, which were copyrighted 4/10/51 and is known to have recorded: 'Something Old, Something New, (Something Borrowed, Something Blue') and 'Off Again, On Again Heart'. Williams is known to have had a band he called the 'Frontier Boys' which he ran using his Williams name, which was based in the L.A. area in the 40's and 50's which was featured in a couple of Western motion pictures in Hollywood and broadcast over KXLA at one time and played dances at The Round Up Club. The band included Hank Caldwell and others unknown.
              In the late 70's or early 80's Jack Williams also made a 45 single recorded priavtely and pressed on a custom label with the assistance of singer, songwriter and musician Jerry Dykes, 'The Second Time Around' and 'Wishful Thinking'.
              Does anyone know any more information on this artist and his records. If so is there a possiblity of getting a copy of them? Any information or help would be most appreciated. JF -

Posted July 14, 2003
Years ago Marijohn Melton (later Marijohn Wilkin) came to Winters, Runnels County, TX with her mother, Karla Melton, to visit her uncle, Buford Owens. I met her at the time as I was visiting my grandparents, Wash and Lela Nance. Marijohn was a friend of Mrs. Pearl Jackson a schoolteacher. Marijohn came back to Winters to care for her uncle just before he died.
              Why am I giving all this information? I would like to get in touch with Marijohn if she is living. I think she would be in the lower 80s. If she is living I would appreciate an email from her. If you have no knowledge of her I appreciate your efforts. Also, if she is deceased I would like to know that. Also, how to get in touch with her son, Bucky Wilkin, if he is living. Thanks, Alex Orr -

Posted July 14, 2003
Please I want to know all details (biography) of these darlings of mine ... DOLLY PARTON, KENNY ROGERS, DON WILLIAMS and JUICE NEWTON ... the plain truth to help keep my mind at ease that I know them ... Tessy -

Posted July 14, 2003
I am trying to find out more information about Rusty Adams. My father performed with him at the Old Dominion Barndance in Richmond, Virginia in the 1950's. Do you know anything about him or know who I could contact? A reply would be much appreciated. Thank you, Charles Moore -

Posted July 11, 2003
I am Judy and live in Australia.I am trying to find a song that was sung by Lefty Frizzel some 40 years ago,the name of the song was Devil's Elbow. Could you please tell me if you know where I could possibly obtain a copy? I know it was many years ago but I am a devoted country music fan and have been since i was 10 years of age and am now nearly 60 and going strong so it means so much to me to get this song. I do not think it was released in this country as i heard it on my country music station many years ago. If you can not help could you maybe put me in touch with someone who may be able to help. Thank you so much. Judy -

Posted July 8, 2003
Hey guys!!!! Just thought everyone would like to know that on August 5, 2 remastered Waylon Jennings cds will be released; Lonesome On'ry and Mean & Ol' Waylon Both contain several classic hits as well as new and imporved linear notes and photos. Lonesome On'ry and Mean also contains never before released bonus tracks! If anyone would like to know more you can email me at

Posted July 4, 2003
I am looking for a song, either Morgan Poisoned the Waterhole or Someone Poisoned the Waterhole. I would really like some help on this. Who sang the song and where I can get it. Thaks for any help. Dave

Posted July 4, 2003
Came across your Traditional Country Hall Of Fame site and thought you might like to add our Classic Country Internet Radio station broadcasting from St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada to your links on your site. Our CRGW Classic Country station streams Classic Country music 24 Hours a Day and we also do on air shows as well every weekday morning at 9:30 AM EDT . The station is part of the Cangoose Internet Radio Group. Our link to CRGW Classic Country is and the link to our main site is - Happy to provide another resource for your site visitors if we may  for Classic Country Music Best Wishes, Allen Willie / Tina Harnum, Cangoose Internet Radio Group -

EDITOR'S NOTE: We are looking for veteran traditional country performers to list and promote within this site. The "Traditional Country Hall of Fame" is also interested in posting information on anyone who helped create and retain the roots of country music throughout the years. This could mean you, a family member, or someone you admire. Through this website, known and unknown recording atrists, performers, sidemen, songwriters, producers, record labels, venue owners, promoters, fans, etc. are all welcome to e-mail and submit their story to the world. It's your chance to brag without feeling guilty, because our readers are waiting to hear all about YOU! Thanks, Bob Timmers, site manager. - Start by contacting us with an e-mail today



E-mail "Traditional Country Hall of Fame"