Jett Williams

  • The Facts
    Jett Williams' best selling autobiography, "Ain't Nothin' As Sweet As My Baby," chronicles the saga of her struggle to learn, then prove, her paternity. The process was long and painful. Learning that Hank Williams was, in fact, her father only raised other serious questions: who deliberately kept this information from her for over thirty years, and why? Jett Williams on stage is an important event. More important when you understand a little of her story, which is part of every show. It took a book to tell the story, but to hit the high points:

  • Jett was born five days after Hank Williams died.
  • Three months before he died, Hank Williams entered into a three page, notarized, pre-birth custody contract, prepared by his lawyer, wherein he not only acknowledged paternity of the then-un born child, but took custody of her. In the agreement he provided that, for the first two years, the child would live with his mother. Then he was going to raise his child. He just didn't count on dying at 29 years old.
  • Upon Hank's death, his mother, Lillian Williams, took Jett to raise, just as Hank had wanted. Because of the untimely death of her son, she decided to adopt the baby, and she did - acknowledging to all officials involved in the process that Jett was her granddaughter. Mrs. Williams completed that adoption. Ironically, the process took two years, and she died within weeks of the adoption.
  • When Mrs. Williams died, the rest of the family wanted to get rid of the child. They made her a ward of the State of Alabama where she, at the age of two, went to foster homes, until she was later adopted a second time, by a family in Mobile, Alabama, where Jett was raised.
  • When she turned 21, Jett's adoptive mother told her there was a rumor she might be the daughter of the legendary Hank Williams. But, she added, there was no proof and nothing she could do.
  • In the early '80's, Jett made every effort to learn who her real parents were. But she ran into nothing but stonewalls.
  • In 1984, Jett met Keith Adkinson, a Washington, D.C. investigative attorney, whom she retained to find out, once and for all, who she was. He uncovered Hank's agreement and much more. Keith learned that all proceedings, including the contract, having to do with Jett had been deliberately sealed to prevent her ever knowing who she was. He learned that she had been deliberately defrauded out of her father's estate and his copyright royalties. He sued on her behalf.
  • On October 26, 1987, the Alabama Circuit Court ruled that Hank Williams was Jett's father.
  • On July 5, 1989, the Alabama Supreme Court ruled that Jett was defrauded, and awarded her half of her father's estate.
  • On July 13, 1992, the federal court in New York awarded Jett her proportionate share of her father's copyright renewal royalties.
  • On September 28, 1987 Jett Williams and Keith Adkinson married.

    JETT WILLIAMS has performed at hundreds of venues - from Japan, Germany, Switzerland and The Netherlands to Lawrenceberg, TN.
    To name a few:
    Florida State Fair
    Alabama State Fair
    Illinois State Fair
    Ohio State Fair
    Kansas State Fair
    Aspen/Snowmass Jazz Festival
    Constitution Hall, Washington, D.C.
    Gatineau Stomp, Quebec
    Billy Bob's, Ft. Worth, TX
    Sunset Park, W. Grove, PA
    Grand Ole Opry, Nashville, TN
    Grand Palace, Branson, MO
    Boxcar Willie's, Branson, MO
    Performing Art Series, Springfield, OH
    Hard Rock Cafe, Washington, D.C.

  • Contact Information
    If you are considering booking the best traditional country music act on the road today, you need to know:

  • This act looks professional, because it is. Sharp western wear, hats and boots in the tradition of Hank Williams and other music pioneers.
  • The Jett Williams Show is presented as an adult performance without annoying and deafening loudness (even some young folks have thanked us for this.) So your audience will enjoy the show, not be run out of the venue by it.
  • Music performance fans like autographs. Jett doesn't hide in the bus. Come by and meet Hank's daughter and have a visit - after every show.
  • Jett Williams' autobiography, "Ain't Nothin' As Sweet As My Baby," is available for sale at all shows. Negotiations are underway to make her story into a feature motion picture.
  • In most every city, Jett Williams is invited to hold a media event or is interviewed by the press for a feature. This is a great promotion for an event, and Jett will do advance phone interviews with newspapers, radio stations, and entertainment guides. Whenever possible, she appears on radio and TV shows when arriving in town. Hank Williams' daughter, her story, and her performance is big news.
  • A critic for the South Bend, Indiana Tribune recently wrote, "More than 2,500 people came to the Morris Civic Auditorium Sunday to hear Hank Williams songs . . . they got what they came for and more."
  • Other venues include:
    Hodag Festival, Rhinelander, WI
    Chrysler Hall, Norfolk, VA
    Concerts in the Country, Calhoun, GA Ponderosa Park, Salem, OH
    Lindsay Exhibition, Ontario
    Heritage Theatre, Saginaw, MI
    Mangy Moose, Jackson, WY
    Shooting Star Casino, Mahnomen, MN
    Bellamy Bros.' Snake, Rattle & Roll, San Antonio, FL
    Kent Co. Jamboree, New Brunswick, NS
    Shoreham Hotel, Washington, D.C.
    Alabama Saloon, Berlin GER
    Ottumwa Coliseum, Ottumwa, IA
    ExpoCenter, Topeka, KS
    Hale Arena, Kansas City, MO
    Aksarben Arena, Omaha, NEB

  • What the Critics Says

    "Jett's sets would do papa proud"
    - South Bend Tribune

    "Fans and reviewers alike can't say enough good things about Jett's performances."
    - A Wiregrass Welcome

    "...people hear Hank Williams songs...they got what they came for and more."
    - Tim Wensits

    "And (George) Jones did pull off the evening's biggest surprise, bringing on the stage Jett Williams...Williams sang 'Your Cheatin' Heart,' and 'Hey Good Lookin' with enough power and emotion to prove, if nothing else, that if talent is hereditary, then she's surely her daddy's girl."
    - Pensacola News Journal

    "Jett Williams woos, wows in debut...."
    - Mobile Press Register, 1989

    "Hank's daughter, Jett Williams, put on a performance not soon to be forgotten."
    - Greenville Advocate

    "On behalf of all the staff, we want to sincrely thank you ... for your excellent performance on August 24, 1995, as part of our Star Series at Ironworld Discovery Center... We commend you for having such outstanding and legendary performers in your band - each had a unique talent to share and as a group, your music is of the finest quality. And who could not help but notice all the smiles among you as you truly do have 'fun' on stage!.... Jett, we're thankful for the discovery of 'Country Western's best kept secret' for you have much to offer in sharing your musical talents...."
    - Ironworld, USA

    "... I can tell you the music and singing will knock you off your chair the impact is so strong."
    Country Music News & Routes, UK

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