Born: 3 February 19?? (wouldn't disclose the in Bellefonte, PA. Attended High School/Bellefonte, Pa. ... and then went on to Volunteer State College, Gallatin, Tn...U.S. Navy 1957 to 1967 & 1980 to 1997 and Honorably Retired with 26 years Navy Service...Hobbies include Fishing....Camping....Gardening....Country Music.

This amazing man has been around. The professional occupations he has enjoyed consist of: Radio D.J. ... Songwriter BMI Writer ... Booking Agent: Nashville Int'l ... Tessier Talent ... Atlas Artist Bureau ... Dick Shuey Agency ... Bruce Rhorhbach Agency ...

Radio Stations D.J..@.."WMCS" Machias, Maine, "WEXT" West Hartford,Ct., "WTHE" N.Y.C., "Allegheny Mtn. Radio Network", Tyrone, Pa., "US107" Nashville, "WJKM" Hartsville, Tn., "Music City Express", Nashville {Syndicated}, and currently THE VOICE HEARD AROUND THE WORLD! on "TWANGTOWNUSA.COM" {Internet}.

"Country Music Shows High - Lite Performances", "Jamboree USA", Wheeling, W.Va., "Renfro Valley Barn Dance", Renfro Valley, Ky., "Country Calvacade", Columbus, Ohio, "Grand Ole Opry"...Special Guest with Charlie Louvin, "Ernest Tubb Midnight Jamboree WSM Radio", "American Jubilee TV Show", Channel 17, Hartford, Ct., "Harmony Through Music", Ft. Bragg, N.C., "ABC TV Country Cavalcade", "Warner Cable TV Special", Columbus,Ohio.

His mentors include such Great Artists as:
"Roy Horton", "Ernest Tubb", "Bill Anderson", "Haze Jones" and "Smiley Wilson" ...

Country Music Organizations:
"Country Music Assn.", Nashville {LifetimeMember}, "Pennsylvania Country Music Assn.", "Legends Of Country Music", Branson, Mo.

A most impressive collection of recordings include:
"Tell It To My Heart", "I'll Be Home Just ToSay Hello", "I've Had A Lot Of Dreams", "Old Lonesome Used", "Hey Little Woman", "California Blues", "Bush Tavern Inn", "I'm The Only One Who Will Miss Me", "Splish Splash", "Houston Is A Honky Tonk Town" with Cowboy Rhythm Band, "Welcome Back Again", "Watchin' You" with Barbi Green, "Run-Run-Run", "A Good Ole Country Song" with Cowboy Rhythm Band, "Shake Em' Up And Let Em' Roll", "It's Only A Question Of Time" and "They're Tearin' My Honky Tonk Down" ... and his latest releases with Stardust Records Int'l
Plus the recent release of his very first CD Dick Shuey Sings "Country From The Heart" ... And I say there's no stopping him! ... {Charlene Gilmore}

Dick Shuey Sings "Country From The Heart"

"I'm The Only One Who'll Mis Me"
Writers: H.Bynum & B. Channel / Tuckahoe Music {BMI}

"Bush Tavern Inn"
Writer: Dick Shuey / Lufaye Music Publishing {BMI}

"Watchin' You"
Writer: Bill Brock / Bowie Music {BMI}

"Shake Em' Up And Let Em' Roll"
Writers: Leiber & Stoller {ASCAP}

"Splish Splash"
Writers: Bobby Darin & Murray Kaufman / Alley Music/EMI Unart/Trio Music {BMI}

"Welcome Back Again"
Writer: Biff Collie / Barley Music {ASCAP}

"Houston Is A Honky Tonk Town"
Writers: Mitch Torok & Ramona Redd / ParjoMusic/Cedarwood Pub. {BMI}

"Run, Run, Run"
Writer: Jack Childress / Four Seasons Music Pub. {ASCAP}

"I'm Coming Home To You"
Writer: Dick Shuey / Lufaye Music Publishing {BMI}

"A Good Old Country Song"
Writer: Vaughn Horton / Happy-Go-Lucky Music {ASCAP}

"Hard Times"
Musical Arrangement By:  Dick Shuey {BMI}

"It's Only A Question Of Time"
Writer: Steve Gibb / Acklen Music {BMI}


  • Executive Producers: Zeke Thomas & Jack Blanchard
  • Re-mix: Zeke Thomas & Jack Blanchard Engineers
  • Producers: Biff Collie ... Johnny Dollar ... Dick Shuey
  • Radio Interview Courtesy Of The U.S. Air Force "Country Music Time"
  • Album Title: Jo Melton
  • Graphics: Designs By Dumplins
  • Distribution: HERO Records
  • CD Cover Photo: Debi Currier
  • CD Liner Notes: Bill Littleton 

    Who'd'a'thunk it?? Dick Shuey has been part of so many support teams it would stagger the senses and defy most folk's sense of order to list his credits on a line item basis. I've had enough cool vantage points of my own to appreciate his history; like ... I've never been Ernest Tubb's booking agent!! Watching the music business from the wings (or the bandstand or a desk "back at the office" or wherever) is not a bad seat, so to speak, but the thing that gives country music so much energy is that most of the support folks really wanted to play music to start with and got into other directions for whatever reason. When a guy like Shuey gets a shot at center stage and the vocal mike in the studio, I get as excited as a possum in a persimmon orchard. So congratulations, Dick, and I'll try to save you a 'simmon or two. --Bill Littleton

    HERO Records {Reg. Tm}
    C/0 Medley Ranch
    Holladay, Tennessee 38341 U.S.A.
    Phone: 731.584.0398

    Misty Records Recording Artist..."CHAR"
    Debut CD Available Now!!

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