Bobby Mountain

Bobby Mountain was born in the foothills of north Georgia. At an early age, he was exposed to a rich musical heritage. As a youngster, he acquired his love for music while singing in his church and by high school age, he had the foundation to sing in his school chorus and play the drums in marching band. During that time, he was able to start a professional "gig" band and earn a musical scholarship to college while earning his high school diploma and working a part time job.

It was during his college years that the lure of the "business" grew stronger and stronger for Bobby. He and his group enjoyed moderate success and found themselves opening for such Country music legends as "Ma" Maybelle Carter, Ernest Tubb, Stonewall Jackson, Faron Young, Jim Ed Brown, Gary Morris, Ricky Scaggs, Ronnie McDowell, Lester Flat, The Gatlins, and Randy Travis, among others.

For ten years, Bobby performed with the Georgia Mountain Fair, a ten thousand seat venue. During his tenure with the Fair, Bobby opened shows for every "hot" artist of the time.

During the early nineties, Bobby also took a turn at acting. He eventually received national exposure as a "bad guy" in the Carroll O'Connor produced "Heat of the Night." You can still catch Bobby on the reruns of the show.

In 1996, the concept of "Genuine Leather" was born taking the form of a multi-song project. The total original, self-produced project is a tribute to "Freedom" and the love of the open road. Bobby Mountain Music is currently marketing "Genuine Leather" and is proud to have this product as the latest addition to its' catalog.


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Bobby Mountain Music
P.O. Box 275
Talking Rock, GA 30175
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