World Famous and the World's Only ... Joe Morrell's

The World's Only Guitar Shaped
Music and Gift Shop

1-81 Exit, 74A at Highway 11W
3245 W. State Street - Bristol, TN 37621 - 423-968-1451

70 feet long, three stories tall, the guitar neck inlay and sound hole are windows.

The Guitar Museum houses collection of rare and unusual instruments, including guitars, ukuleles, lap steels, resonator guitars, banjos, mandolins, dulcimers, auto harps, and violins. They range from primitive American handmade to exotic instruments from different countries.

Understanding the region's musical heritage is an inside wall map indicating the birthplace of nationally known bluegrass performers from the area. There is also a section displaying clothing and various memorabilia from many of the country and bluegrass entertainers.

The guitar shaped building is proudly endorse by the C.F. Martin logo - makers of the world's finest acoustic guitars, their logo proudly marks the headstock of the Grand Guitar.

You are invited to come by, visit, and see how it feels to be inside a GRAND GUITAR.

Open: 11 AM to 5 PM daily. Groups welcome.

Mack Blevins broadcasts from inside the Grand Guitar, Sat., Aptil 1, 2006

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