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Canadian, six feet one, genial Donn Reynolds, "King of the Yodelers", was born in western Canada July 26, 1921.

At the age of 10, he picked up his first guitar, and by 14, he turned professional as "The Yodeling Ranger". It was the beginning of a long prosperous career that was to bring Donn world renown for his style and presentation of the western song.

Donn is the former International Yodel Champion, winning the title at the Pacific National Exhibition in 1950. In 1956 he won the United States Yodeling Championship in Washington DC, claiming the title "World's Champion Yodeler".

A star of song and screen, Donn performed on countless stages and television shows worldwide including the Grand Ole Opry, Louisiana Hayride, WLS National Barn Dance, and the WWVA Jamboree. He released many recordings on MGM, Columbia, and RCA labels including several worldwide hit singles.

A star of song and screen, Donn performed on countless stages and television shows worldwide releasing many recordings on M.G.M, Columbia, and RCA labels including several worldwide hit singles.

His friends include the likes of Hank Snow, Peggy Lee, Roy Rogers, Marty Robbins, Ray Price, Roy Clark, and Buck Owens. His acting credits include the films Eureka Stockade (1949), She Wore A Yellow Ribbon (1949), Arena (1953), and the lead role as Davy Crockett in the British musical.


Though Donn, for most of his career, was a solo performer, he teamed up in the latter years with his wife Cindy as a husband and wife duet. The couple commenced a worldwide tour together including performances throughout England, Europe and the Middle East. They appeared in the United States and across Canada on many popular TV shows, performed before royalty, and played almost every major night club in Canada from coast to coast.

In 1978 Donn set the world record for the longest yodel by yodeling non-stop for 7 hours and 29 minutes. In 1984 he established the world record for the fastest yodel by achieving five tones (three falsetto) in 1.9 seconds. These achievements earned him fame in both the Guinness Book of World Records and Ripley's Believe It or Not!

Donn passed away August 16, 1997, following complications from Alzheimer's Disease.


Arc A673 - The Blue Canadian Rockies
Arc A767 - Springtime In The Rockies
Citadel CTL115 - The Wild One
Marathon MMS-76060 - Songs Of The West
Quality GS-1992 - King Of THe Yodelers

Aragon AR181-A - If I'd Only See'd You
Aragon AR181-B - Blue Mountain Waltz
Arc A1114-A - Lorelei
Arc A1114-B - Cuckoo Waltz Yodel
Arc A1208-A - Shut The Door
Arc A1208-B - My Adobe Hacienda
Blue Hen BH-207-A - Don't Tell Me
Blue Hen BH-207-B - Blue Mountain Waltz
Bullet 751-A - I Tell Myself A Lie
Bullet 751-B - All Alone (With No One By My Side)
Citadel CT3141-A - The Parting
Citadel CT3141-B - Little Old Log Shanty
Citadel CT3149-A - The Wild One
Citadel CT3149-B - No One Will Ever Know
Lariat 45-1107-A - The Night-In-Gale Song
Lariat 45-1107-B - Now Is The Hour
Lariat 45-1108-A - Don't Talk About Me
Lariat 45-1108-B - Let The Rest Of The World Go By
London M.17303-A - Mountain Laurel
London M.17303-B - Wreck Of The "John B"
Marathon 45-1131-A - Texas Yodel
Marathon 45-1131-B - Life Of Regret
Metronome B 1341-A - Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
Metronome B 1341-B - Texas Jodle
Metronome B 1366-A - T. B. Blues
Metronome B 1366-B - Blue Yodel
MGM K12512-A - Rose Of Ol' Pawnee
MGM K12512-B - All Alone (With No One By My Side)
MGM K12573-A - Bella Belinda
MGM K12573-B - Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
Quality 1578X-A - Rose Of Ol' Pawnee
Quality 1578X-B - Ramona
Regal G 25161-A - The Ring My Mother Wore
Regal G 25161-B - Old Bush Shanty Of Mine
Regal G 25162-A - Salt Bush Sue
Regal G 25162-B - The Stockman's Lullaby
Sparton 4-1315-A - Afraid
Sparton 4-1315-B - She Taught Me How To Yodel
Sparton 4-1332-A - Wedding Bells
Sparton 4-1332-B - Baby We're Really In Love

Courtesy: Scott Reynolds
Posted November, 2003

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