I was born in the north (Erie, Pennsylvania) to very musically involved parents.
In my adolescent years in PA and New York, I listened at this early age to my mother and father practicing and rehearsing with their local band for a short performance on a radio show in Erice, PA called the "OLLIE BROWN SHOW" on Saturday nights. I listened to hear not only my parents (Carl Sr. and Carole Mitchell), but to also hear my sister Mary singing on the radio.

After a family move south (to St. Petersburg, Florida) my feelings about music and singing were set. Borrowing from my parents' talents and instruction, I entered and won several talent contests. I formed a country band ("CARL MITCHELL and the CAPITVATORS"). I played many local clubs, party dates and the local speedway (SUNSHINE).

I have been writing and singing my own songs for about five years and I sincerely believe that you will hear and feel what I did when I wrote this traditional country song (see below).

Very Truly Yours,

Carl Mitchell, Jr.

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A single from Carl's Upcoming Album

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