"Well, I finally got around to making a CD. I put some of my favorites as well as some new ones in this package. After twenty years of travel and writing songs about this lifestyle without much monetary success, it took a lot of encouragement from my friends to get me to complete this project. From the King Snake people in Sanford, Florida, to Bummer's Friends and Family in Michigan, as well as Friends with the Easyrider Rodeo, it took all of them and a couple of hat passings to come up with the money to pay for this work. Of course don't forget Joe Teresi who included me from the time we first met in South Dakota in 1981. He gave me so much to write and sing about in so many of the Easyrider's events.

I can't forget my family to whom I owe so much. They allowed me without complaint, to be free to follow the wind and pursue a poet's dream. To all of you, thank you so much."

- William Van Dyke


William Van Dyke - Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Ernie Lancaster - Lead Guitar
Bob Greenlee - Bass
Ronnie "Byrd" Foster - Drums, Tambourine, Background Vocals
"Cherokee" Ace Moreland - Guitar; Dobro, Tambourine, Background Vocals
Scott Corwin - Drums (Hog Ridin' Fool)
Rick Bailey - Piano, Background Vocals
Kenny Neal - Harmonica (Chrome Don't Get You Home)
Mike Galloway - Harmonica (American Citizen)
John Winkler - Harmonica (Hog Ridin' Fool)
Shelley Herter, Valerie Herter, Candice Gunter - Background Vocals
The Kingsnake Kanine Korus
Produced by Bob Greenlee
Executive Producer - Bob Greenlee
Associate Producer - Ace Moreland
Engineered and Mixed by Ace Moreland
Executive Secretary - Shelley Herter
Recorded at King Snake Studio, Sanford, FL
Cover Photo by Leslie Bendall
Mfg. by Star Quality