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Still Feels Like Rockin'

Posted June 17, 2008

What a great pleasure to have a new 50's Rock and Roll CD coming from Texas, even if recorded in Sweden, by Huelyn Duvall. Following the steps of Bobby Crown, another Texas 50's cat, Huelyn flew way up North in 2005 to record, with Wildfire Willie and The Ramblers, some new songs. That great CD tilted "Get Carried Away" was issued a couple of months ago on Goofin' records (GRCD 6131), a great label who gave us many CD's by Marty Brom, Miss Mary Ann or Ray Collins Hot-Club since twenty years. Without Wildfire Willie this session would have never taken place and we will have missed a great record. Thanks also to Pete Hanoken for that record and for being the one who made Jimmy Lee Fautheree's last recording available on vinyl. Hope to meet you someday, guy!

Huelyn, born in 1939, in Texas, know about what he sing on "Hillbilly Rock", a great waxing from the pen of Paul Kennerley better know by Marty Stuart on MCA records. That hot rocker with piano and fine guitar licks will bring back in Louisiana, Mississippi, Kentucky and Tennessee when Elvis was still The Hillbilly Cat. The next song "Get Carried Away" came from the pen of Jan Svensson aka Wildfire Willie. That's a bouncy rocker with very nice guitar licks who open the door for "Feel Like Rockin'", the next song in line. Here, Huelyn handle a hot song first recorded, but never issued, for "Sun" by Jackson Rockabilly wizard Kenny Parchman. The title tell you straight what's about: if you feel like rockin, that's the perfect meat. We still wonder how Sam Phillips could have let Kenny Parchman recordings in the vault and that's fine to see Huelyn doin' justice to Kenny's talent. Huelyn remember hearing that song for the first time on tour with The Ramblers riding on their van several years ago. He liked it immediately and can't understand too why that true classic was not issued in the 50's. A fine tribute!

Next song, "Hurtin' Inside" moves you on Brook Benton's songbook from 1959. Brook's recording who found his way on the Pop and R'n'B charts is covered with class and the great sax work done by Gustav Bendt carries the shades of Boots Randolph and King Curtis.

Next is a little tribute to Huelyn's friend, the great Eddie Cochran with "Cradle Baby" from the pen of Terry Fell. "Cradle Baby", a gentle rocker with great guitar parts, was originally issued as B-side of Eddie's classic "Twenty Flight Rock" in 1957. Here everybody make a great job before witching on "Everytime I'm Kissing You", a Carl Belew's song, better know by Johnny Horton. Huelyn was already wandering on Johnny Horton repertoire in 1956 with songs like "Baby, I'm Ready If You're Willing" or "Honky Tonk Man" when Rock and Roll was not allowed on KCUL "Cowtown Hoe Down" in Fort Worth. "Start All Over" and "What In The World" are to fine rockers from Huelyn's own pen who drives us to "No Other Baby", a nice song who remind me Buddy Holly and Sonny West beat pattern.

"You Got Me Shook", is an unissued Ben Hewitt's song, and is a nice tribute to that rocker who passed away in 1996 and gave us some fabulous records on "Mercury" at the tail end of the 50's. "All Fogged Up" is a strong ditty from Huelyn pen and drives you to Drive Inn movie with the solid drums beat done by Markku Juvonen. Next came a great work on Elvis 1962 all time classic "Anything That's Part Of You". Nothing surprising to see Huelyn at home with Elvis song ĺ─˛cause, in 1957, he was playin' on stage with The Troublesome Three "I Got A Lot Of Livin' To Do" and "Teddy Bear". Then living in rural Texas he didn't get to hear all the rockabilly we now then but was able, on his local AM radio station, to catch few Elvis, Marty Robbins or Carl Perkins songs. To close that CD we got a muscular rendition of a Carl Butler's song "If Teardrops Were Pennies" first recorded by Carl Smith in 1951. That classic song will show you how a country song can be shaped in a rock'n'roll one with the hot guitar work from Jyrki Juvonen. Here end that excellent CD who deals not with nostalgia but brings you raw energy and heartfelt renditions.

Huelyn relations with those way up north frozen cats had not ended because he will play in Finland, Sweden and Holland that month. A welcome comes back in that country where I saw him on stage with Janis Martin and Eddie Bond in 1985. He only performed once in France and hopes to return again maybe with Sid & Billy King or Gene Summers. All are from Texas and don't cheat with Rock'n'Roll music. Gene Summers last CD "Reminisce" Cafe is a great one and recently he got a great welcome on a Dallas show with The Nightcaps, Bobby Rambo, Ray Sharpe and Jimmy Velvit.

Huelyn's record can be buy on his web site at or from Goofin' at

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