Opinion: Are The Majors Killing The Goose That Has Been Laying It's Golden Eggs???

By Dick Shuey - posted June 24, 2007
The Major Record companies continue to go after Radio for more money as their Sales dip and their artists bail out and go independent in order to gain control of their own professional lives.

The Record Companies have yet to realize with their sewer of greed that they aren't killing Radio ... they are killing themselves. Radio will just change formats and not play their music ... then what will the Record Companies do???

They are hiding behind the guise of the Sound Exchange, the CRB {That Ain't Country Radio Broadcasters friends - That's The Copyright Royality Board} ... the media and their greedy Industry Attorneys.

Radio has to remember ... Radio does not have to play their music ... and many stations are already changing formats. Talk Radio doesn't pay Royalities for playing music.

Record Company CD sales are already in a downward spiral and the record companies are blaming everybody but themselves.

If the U.S. Congress doesn't step in by 15 July and stop the over zealous greed of the record Companies who are demanding exorbent Royality Rates for themselves from Radio Stations ... I now perdict that major Record Companies will be out of business within the next 5 years ... not the Radio Stations.

That is what happens to companies who refuse or fail to grasp advancing technology. One only has to look at history of the industralized world to understand that. The Goose just may stop laying Golden Eggs on 15 July. You can read more at the Radio & Internet Newsletter {RAIN} Web site for a better understanding of what the Record Companies are trying to do to Radio. Go here: http://www.kurthanson.com/archive/news/031907/index.shtml.

In closing ... the war between The Major Record Companies against Radio and the buying consumer may finally coming to an end. And in the end the Record Companies will have no one to blame but themselves. It just may be a interesting next couple of weeks in the world of entertainment.

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