Early George Jones

March 29, 2007 - Courtesy Tapio Vaisanen - tapiov@pcuf.fi

I've been trying to compile complete early George Jones discography with Pasi on a Finnish language rockabilly forum http://www.roketsuvoorum.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=6741

This is based on previous attempts on rockinrecords and hillbilly lists, we've also used 45rpm/LP discography that Frank posted to the hillbilly list. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hillbilly/files/GEORGE%20JONES.doc

Below is a listing of songs in alphabetical order. We've tried to include every known Starday & Mercury recording and the original release. All additions and corrections are welcome.

Does anyone know what is the title of this Wing SRW 16417 LP?

Accidently On Purpose, Mercury 71583
Aching Breaking Heart, Mercury 71910
All I Want To Do, Mercury 71096, Dixie 523
Any Old Time, Dixie 507, Tops 291
Are You Mine (w/Margie Singleton), Mercury 72159
Baby (You've Got What It Takes) (w/Margie Singleton), Mercury LP MG-20747
Battle Of Love, Mercury 71804
Before I Met You, Dixie 517, Mercury LP MG 20937
Before I Met You (alt.), Dixie 515 not GJ, really Leon Payne
Big Harlan Taylor, Mercury 71514
Boat Of Life, Dixie 112, Starday 256, Starday 591, Starday LP 150
Boogie Woogie Mexican Boy, ACE LP 117
Cajun Call (Tommy Hill w/GJ.??? Inst.), Starday SLP-335
Candy Hearts, Mercury 71700
Cause I Love You, Dixie 503, Starday LP 125
City Of The Angels, Mercury 71955
Cold Cold Heart, Mercury 72010
Color Of The Blues, Mercury-Starday 71257, Dixie 531, Dixie 533
Cry Cry (Jeanette Hicks only), Mercury 71061
Cup Of Loneliness, Mercury-Starday 71224, Dixie 118
Cup Of Loneliness (alt.), Ace CDCH912
Did I Ever Tell You (w/ Margie Singleton), Mercury 71856
Don't Do This To Me, Dixie 525, Mercury LP MG 20328
Don't Stop The Music, Mercury 71029, Dixie 518, Dixie 521
Eskimo Pie, Mercury-Starday 71257, Dixie 530
Everything Ain't Right, Mercury LP MG-20990
Family Bible, Mercury 71636, 71721
The First One, Mercury LP MG-20836
Flame In My Heart w/Virginia Spurlock, Mercury-Starday 71141, Dixie 527, Mercury LP MG-20350
Frozen Heart, Starday LP 125
Frozen Heart (Version 2)
Give Away Girl, Mercury LP MG-20477
Glad To Let Her Go, Mercury LP MG-20836
Go Away With Me (w/Benny Barnes), Dixie 518, Mercury LP 20282, Starday LP 151
Gonna Come Get You (Version 1), Starday 264
Gonna Come Get You (Version 2), Dixie 515, Dixie 517, Mercury 71049
Gotta Talk To Your Heart, Mercury LP MG-20694, Mercury LP MG-20350
Half As Much, Mercury LP MG-20596
Have Mercy On Me, Mercury 71615
Heartaches By The Number, Mercury LP MG-20624
Heartbreak Hotel, Club 280, Gilmar 124, Tops 279, Tops 280, Dixie 502, Dixie 505,Royal 18150C 10"
Heartbroken Me, Starday 165, Starday LP 125
Hearts In My Dream, Dixie 527, Mercury-Starday 71176, Mercury LP MG 20328
Hold Everything, Starday 188
Honky Tonkin', Mercury LP MG-20596
How Come It, Starday 240
Howlin' At The Moon, Mercury LP MG-20596
I Always Wind Up The Loser, Mercury LP MG-20836
(I Believe In The) Good Old Bible, Starday SEP-187, Starday SLP-335
I Can't Help It, Mercury LP MG-20990
I Don't Hear You (w/Margie Singleton), Mercury LP MG-20747
I Love You Because, Mercury 72087
I Take The Chance w/Jeanette Hicks, Dixie 507, Tops 288
I Take The Chance (alt.) w/Jeanette Hicks, Starday SLP 102
I Want To Be Where You're Gonna Be (w/Margie Singleton), Mercury LP MG-20747
I Wouldn't Know About That, Mercury 72362
I'll Walk The Line, Mercury LP MG-20624
I'm A One Woman Man, Dixie 517, Starday LP 125
I'm A One Woman Man (alt.), Dixie 515, Tops R296-49 not GJ, really Leon Payne
I'm Gonna Burn Your Playhouse Down, Ace CH 13
I'm Ragged But I'm Right, Dixie 506, Starday 234
I'm Ragged But I'm Right (edited), Dixie 508
I'm With The Wrong One w/Jeanette Hicks, Mercury 71139
I've Got A New Heartache, Dixie 513, Dixie 516, Dixie 520, Royal 18150E 10", Tops 296 - (probably by Earl Aycock, track is credited to Tommy Hill on Starday LP 117, Johnny Tyler on Tops 296 and to GJ & Benny Barnes on Mercury-Starday LP MG 20282)
I've Got A New Heartache (alt.), Dixie 520
I've Got Five Dollars And It's Saturday Night, Dixie 502, Dixie 505, Starday LP 125
If I Don't Love You (Grits Ain't Groceries), Mercury 71373
If You Don't Believe, Mercury 71615
If You Don't Somebody Else Will (w/Margie Singleton), Mercury LP MG- 20747
If You've Got The Money (I Got The Time), Mercury LP MG-20906
(I'll Be There) If You Ever Want Me, Mercury LP MG-20624
If You Want To Wear A Crown, Mercury 71506
Into My Arms Again, Mercury 71464
It's Been So Long, Mercury LP MG-20624
It's Ok, Starday 247
Jambalaya (On The Bayou), Mercury LP MG-20793
Jesus Wants Me, Mercury 71340
Just A Little Boy Blue, Mercury 7164
1 Just One More, Dixie 513, Dixie 516, Royal 18150E 10", Starday 264
Just One More (alt.), Mercury LP MG-20624, Mercury 71049?
The Last Town I Painted, Mercury 72233
Let Him Know, Starday 160, Starday 162, Starday LP 150
Let Me Catch My Breath (this is actually by Peck Touchton), Starday 160
Life To Go, Mercury 72233
The Likes Of You, Mercury LP MG-20836
Lonesome Heart, Mercury LP MG-20906
Looking Back To See (w/Margie Singleton), Mercury LP MG-20747
(It'll Take a) Long Time To Forget, Mercury 71406
Maiden's Prayer, Starday SLP-401
Maybe Little Baby, Starday LP 125
Maybe Next Christmas, Mercury-Starday 71225, Dixie 528, D 1226
Money To Burn, Mercury 71514
Mr. Fool, Mercury 72200
My Lord Has Called Me, Mercury 71506
My Soul's Been Satisfied, Mercury LP MG-20462
My Sweet Imogene, Ace LP 117
Never Been So Weary, Wing SRW 16417, Cascade DROP 1004
A New Baby For Christmas, Mercury-Starday 71225, Dixie 528, D 1226
Nobody's Lonesome For Me, Mercury LP MG-20477
No Money In This Deal (Version 1), Starday 130
No Money In This Deal (Mercury Version)
No Use To Cry, Mercury LP MG-20990
No, No, Never (w/Virginia Spurlock), Mercury-Starday 71141
Not Even Friends (w/Margie Singleton), Mercury LP MG-20747
Nothing Can Stop Me Loving You, Mercury 71172, Dixie 533
Oh, Lonesome Me, Mercury 72293
One Is A Lonely Number, Starday LP 125, Mercury 72200
Opry Rag, Starday SEP-366, Mercury LP MG-20350
Out Of Control, Mercury 71641
Play It Cool Man, Play It Cool, Starday 146
Poor Man's Riches, Mercury LP MG-20624
Rain, Rain (ie. Rain Keeps a Fallin')?, Starday LP 125
Rain, Rain (alt.)
Relief Is Just A Swallow Away, Mercury LP MG-20836
Revenoeer Man, Mercury 72087
Rock It (Version 1), Starday 240
Rock It (alt.), Ace CH 13
Run Boy (Leon Payne only), Dixie 502, Dixie 505, Starday LP 125
Settle Down, Starday LP 125
Seasons Of My Heart (Version 1), Dixie 505, Starday 202
Seasons Of My Heart (Version 2, edited), Dixie 502
Settin' The Woods On Fire, Mercury LP MG-20596
Singing The Blues, Dixie 517, Tops 296, Mercury LP MG 20282 (different artist?)
Singing The Blues (alt.), Dixie 514 (different artist?)
Slave Lover, Mercury MG-20793
Someone Sweet To Love, Mercury LP MG-20836
Sparkling Brown Eyes, Mercury 71583
Stay On Board, Wing SRW 16417
Still Hurtin', Starday 216
Sweet Dreams (Of You), Dixie 507, Dixie 515, Tops 291 as by Rusty Young
Tagging Along, Dixie 112, Starday 256, Mercury 71721
Take The Devil Out Of Me, Mercury-Starday 71224, Dixie 118
Talk About Lovin' (w/Margie Singleton?), Mercury 71955
Talk To Me Lonesome Heart, Mercury LP MG-20624
Tall, Tall Trees, Mercury-Starday 71176, Dixie 527
Tarnished Angel, Mercury 72233
Tell Her, Starday 165
Tender Years, Mercury 71804
Texas Playboy Polka, Starday SLP-335
That's The Way I Feel, Dixie 537, Mercury LP MG-20350
There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight, Mercury LP MG-20906
Time Lock, Mercury LP MG-20937
Too Much Water, Mercury 71096, Dixie 523
Treasure of Love, Mercury 71373, Dixie 535
Uh, Uh, No, Mercury 71029, Dixie 519
Vitamins L-O-V-E, Mercury-Wing LP MGW-12266
Waltz Of The Angel (w/Margie Singleton), Mercury 71856
Wandering Soul, Mercury 71340, Mercury LP MG-20350
Wasted Words (w/Benny Barnes), Dixie 517, Dixie 520, Starday 7020, Mercury LP MG 20836
We'll Understand It, Mercury LP MG-20462
What Am I Worth (Version 1), Starday 216
What Am I Worth (Version 2), Starday 216 (matrix # ST-2332-RE-1)
What Am I Worth (edited), Dixie 503
What's Wrong With You, Starday 188
Whatcha Gonna Do, Mercury LP MG-20937
When My Heart Hurts No More, Mercury 71910
When Two Worlds Collide (w/ Margie Singleton), Mercury 72034
White Lightnin', Mercury 71406
White Lightnin' (alt.)
Will The Circle Be Unbroken, Mercury LP MG-20462
Window Shopping, Mercury LP MG-20596
With Half A Heart, Mercury LP MG-20694 Who Shot Sam, Mercury 71464
Who Shot Sam (alt.)
Why Baby Why (Original), Starday 202
Why Baby Why (Edited), Dixie 501, Dixie 504, Starday LP 101, Starday

Why Baby Why (Mercury Version)
Why Don't You Love Me, Mercury LP MG-20596
Window Up Above, Mercury 71700
Window Up Above, Starday LP-101 (Donny Young???)
Wrong About You w/Sonny Burns, Starday 146
Yearning [edited alt.] w/Jeannette Hicks, Dixie 517
Yearning w/Jeannette Hicks, Dixie 521, Starday 279, Mercury 71061
Yes I Know Why, Dixie 503, Dixie 506, Dixie 509, Royal 18150C 10"

Tops 279
You All Good Night, Starday 162, Starday LP 125
You Better Treat Your Man Right, Mercury 72362
You Gotta Be My Baby (Version 1), Dixie 508, Dixie 513, Starday 247
You Gotta Be My Baby (Version 2)
Your Heart, Starday 234
You Never Thought, Starday SLP-335
Your Old Standby, Mercury 71636
You're Back Again, Starday SLP-335
You're In My Heart, Starday 130, Starday LP 125
You're Running Wild, Dixie 516, Tops 296 James O'Gwynn w/George Jones (or Earl Aycock? or Leon Payne)
You're Running Wild (alt.), Dixie 514 (different artist?)
You're Still On My Mind, Mercury 72010

Unissued Mercury recordings
One Excuse is As Good As Another (w/M. Singleton) One by One (w/M. Singleton) There's Gonna Be One

Live raidat
"Live Recordings From The Louisiana Hayride" (Scena CD 271900) - live recordings from 1956-1969.
Accidently On Purpose
Big Harlan Taylor
Color Of The Blues
Don't Stop The Music
Nothing Can Stop Me (Nothing Can Stop My Love)
Race Is On
Ragged But Right
Say It's Not You
She Thinks I Still Care
Things Have Gone To Pieces
Too Much Water
Walk Through This World With Me
When The Grass Grows Over Me
White Lightning
You Better Treat Your Man Right
You Gotta Be My Baby

Poor Little Rich Boy (live 1962) http://v.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=1280910

White Lightning (from Town Hall Party)

- Tapio

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