Raw & Loud

The Original "Rockabilly" that embedded itself in this "Nation's Heatland" was truly something unique. Once you heard it - you were hooked! It had a grasp that just wouldn't let go. It had a beat (often without drums) that would not allow you to sit down and listen to it. It had a structure that would withstand even the hard hits of Terrorism. Many times we were attacked for singing it. Many times the police were called on us for singing that so called "Devil Music".

It was after several shows were interupted, many records were actually broken during a radio broadcast, and yes, some were even arrested, for inciting a so called "Riot" that folks in the U.S decided it just wasn't worth the fight anymore. As television came along, and radio stations begun playing our music during "prime time" that True "Rockabilly" found it's way into the heart of the Youth of this country. Once "there" - there was no turning back. Movies would come out with all sorts of "Rock & Roll" & "Rockabilly" themes.

Remember the now famous "Blackboard Jungle"? That was the first I remember being called "A Rebel" Oh the sometimes vicious beat of that drum, the overwhelming slap of that Bass, and the twang of a Gibson or Fender guitar, paved the road, and lighted the path for many many future artists, to walk down, and receive fame, and fortune. Many names were etched in stone that would never vanish, nor be replaced by any other form of music. They came - they went and left their mark, but NONE EVER replaced "our "Rockabilly" & " Rock & Roll".

Today, if you walk into a place where one of those 50's songs is playing - you will see smiles on the faces of the folks there, and even the little children are dancing as they shop. It was - and is - still Very Special!

It's contagious, outrageous, even overwhelming! It was never! No! Never! "Devil Music". My name is Ronnie Haig and I was fortunate enough to be there, in the beginning. I watched it develope. I watched as girls actually fainted as their favorite singer performed that "one special song". I saw Elvis do his first TV show. I remember Jerry Lee absolutely scorching an audience with "Great Balls of Fire". Gene Vincent could paralyze a crowd. Bill Haley & The Comets set the beat for many many songs that came along after them. In short, WE set the tempo that would go on living even to today.

No, I never made it to their popularity. No, I am not a legend, but I was there just the same as a "Footsoldier of "R & R" and I'm proud of it. My "Don't You Hear Me Calling Baby" is still played around the world, even when I am now retired and not able to perform anymore.

If YOU were there, YOU are proud too. So, Keep on Rockin'! Keep the songs a comin'! Do them outstanding shows! Keep America full of "Good Time Music" Give them something, in this time of war, and sadness, to lift their hearts - just one more time! Will you do me a favor and do it one time for me? Please! Rock on Rockabilly! Rock on Rock and Roll! and THANK YOU AGAIN BOB TIMMERS FOR ALL YOU'VE DONE TO KEEP US GOING! Respectfully,
October, 2006

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