Matt Lucas CD " Back In The Saddle Again"

It was my pleasure to review the Matt Lucas CD " Back In The Saddle Again"

"Back In The Saddle Again" has been Great to listen to, not a bad song on the entire CD. Matt has taken Dave Dudley's hit Country song of the 60's "Six Days On the Road" and put his own touch to it. Matt comes out pounding away on this great song and never lets up till it's over. I love the way Matt gets to the Heart of this Country Tune and gives it a flavor that is truly one you must hear.

"Blue Moon Of Kentucky" was recorded by Bill Monroe many years ago and then years later "Elvis" got his career started with the song, be that as it may Matt Lucas again added his own style and flavor to a song that has been heard over and over down through the years and has made it his own period. It has to be heard again to be believed, it's that good, Matt has put his touch of excellence to this tune and it plays out like a bottle of 1776 wine with a touch to it that will cause you to play it over and over.

"Little Rain" if only Jimmy Reed could hear how Matt has brought his song back to life. Man the way Matt tackles this tough song sends shivers up my spine and Charlie Musslewhite on the Harp well it's the best I've heard in years it has no equal in this day of run of the mill blues "Little Rain" is a Masterpiece.Play it once and you won't be able to let it go.

"The Mau Mau Boogie" is all about a New Orleans Rock N Roll get together that comes around each April put on by Dr.Ike and The Mystic Knights Of The Mau Mau. It's a great tune that rocks from beginning to end written by Matt and performed in Matt Lucas style that will cause you to pull the rug back and get up and shake to it.

"Jambalaya" Hank Williams would give Matt a (A+) on this gritty little tune it jumps it bops it rocks and it rolls and it has hint of country to that you are bound to enjoy. Matt has fun on this song and it shows only Matt Lucas could tackle an old standard as famous as "Jambalaya" bring it off with such great style.

"Call Your Husband" what a gutsy song this is another composition by Mr. Lucas and a darn good one, I love the song, you will also, it catch's your attention and you just can't let go of it. Matt tells a story in this song and the beat and style make it roll along like a shot of smooth Jack Daniels.

"Little Sister" the old Elvis song from the 60's however Matt takes it to the beat that he and the band produce that goes up then down and all around and takes a new twist that is most refreshing and exciting and done up in Matt Lucas style that only Matt lucas can bring to life.

"Still Movin On" Hank Snow, Ray Charles, and the one and only Matt Lucas. Hank Snow bought the tune to life in the early 50's Ray Charles changed the song around in the late 50's with a Blues beat,now Matt Lucas has stepped the song up to a higher level and added new beats and blended in a few of the country and blues sounds to it that all in all make it a brand new song, it has everything you'd want for musical enjoyment. What an arrangement on "Still Movin On" believe me brother it "MOVES".

"Cuban Get Away" it's a fine instrumental that strolls along and gets you in the mood. The whole band has their own way of rolling out this get up and go ditty that just keeps getting better as it rolls along you'll want to take a cruising ship to the Caribbean when this fine sound hits it's last note.

"Look Out Mabel" you'll think you've heard this song some where ,some place before, you haven't, it's all Matt Lucas, from beginning to end he'll get you to thinking, and then hit you with a flaming song that just won't let you go, it's the Lucas way to a new way of bringing a song to life that you'll want to hear over and over.

"Shek Of Araby" Not one oil Billionaire in Iraq could buy the style that Matt Lucas has on this little ole tune. Matt is the real "Sherk" in this one and he gets it done in good fashion without leaving the USA and getting anyone in harms way, he does charm you right out of your wallet on this one and he does it easier than rolling jelly off a plate.

"Back In The Saddle Again" Gene Autry would have been proud of the way Matt has arranged this fine song of the 40's. It has a good beat, it purrs along with a great sound. Again Matt has out done himself with this arrangement, I can't say enough about the Matt Lucas style which only Matt can produce. It is a well done song, it rocks it has a country and blues edge to it your sure to enjoy it.

I enjoyed listening to this CD I have heard thousands in my career in music. Matt Lucas has a real Masterpiece in this CD. I have no reason to say this is a good CD if it were not so, I would not have taken the time to write about " Back In The Saddle Again " if I had not truly enjoyed it. Matt Lucas is a fine human being one of the finest I have had the pleasure to meet. I had the pleasure of inducting Matt into The Southern Legends Entertainment and Performing Arts Hall of Fame. Matt is also in The Rock a Billy Hall of Fame. Many thanks to 10-O-Nine records for producing this fine CD.

Widmarc Clark

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