65 Year Old Rocker Releases New CD

          " April 6, 2006 - Just John, a veteran singer and songwriter from England, has re-released his critically acclaimed album "Back To Australia 2005". The CD contains 14 tracks of golden oldies from the 1950's. Just John is an ex Fleet Air Arm (Royal Navy) pilot who rejected a contract from Decca records in 1957 to pursue his military career. Now, after 65 years of singing on literally every coast of every ocean, Just John returns what many have called his 'definite masterpiece'.
          " John's musical career kicked off in the 1940's and early 1950's, when he was in the school choir as a boy soprano, making money for his musical interest by carol singing at Christmas. "I was very successful and popular around my housing estate, so the money made bought me many records of the time," John smiles. In 1956, he joined the Royal Navy (Fleet Air Arm). "I was the lead singer with a group in the same air station and we performed all over the place," John remembers. The group were offered a recording contract by the then almighty Decca records, which for John would have meant leaving what he loved - flying planes and helicopters. "The group got themselves another lead singer and left the service whilst I remained," John looks back at the old times, remaining enigmatic about whether the band made it in the business or not.
          " John was released from the Navy in 1962 due to health problems. He took up employment with the Australian Government in Melbourne, still singing and performing in local clubs and pubs, mostly for his own entertainment and pleasure. 1964 witnessed John's recording debut, "I'll Be Loving You" for the Astor label in Australia. "In 1976, I returned to England and on the five week sea voyage I performed with the resident group on board," he continues. "I sat at the drums one night and started to play with the group and I received the compliment of being good at it. This was a surprise as I had never done it before. I had always had an ear for music and soon found myself getting a tune out of a lot of instruments."
          " For personal reasons, John never took the chance of a professional career at the time. By the mid 1980's, his health had deteriorated to such an extent that he couldn't work. However, John could still perform by sitting on a chair so no one would know his disabilities. "I still performed just for pleasure and lived on my veterans war pension and care allowances," he says.
          " John returned to Australia in 2002, where he decided to re-record the song that got it all started years ago - "I'll Be Loving You". "It was a present for my wife as we no longer had a copy of the original," John explains. The recording session resulted in a long play album entitled "Just John in Australia 2002 & 2004". He had some vintage jukeboxes from the 1940's and 1950's and it was through his contacts that he launched the most unprecedented promotional campaign one can imagine. "I would send copies to people I knew in the community of the jukebox. This meant I was giving my music to all ages from 9 to 90."
          " Last year, after yet another trip to Australia, John recorded what would eventually become his last album to date called "Back To Australia 2005". Again, he found himself giving his music away and never thinking of selling it. "A lot of people have remarked that I remind them of the late great Buddy Holly which I took as a compliment," John says. "I was lucky enough to meet the man in London in 1958 and he was a great guy to be with and I later recorded his "Words Of Love" the same way he did by using a tape to duet with myself."
          " John's main line of music is Buddy Holly songs and other artists he likes, mostly from the 1950's. "All songs have a memory for me so that is the reason I make them," John sums his musical life up. "I have been singing for as long as I can remember and still drive everyone mad at home - I am a rocker at heart. I perform any chance I get, I just want people to hear my efforts and hopefully enjoy them."
          " For more information and review copies of "Back To Australia", please contact Just John at WRockola@aol.com.

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