Ric Cartey

Courtesy: Flippar - January 18, 2002
           Born Whaley Thomas Cartey January 18th 1937 in Atlanta Georgia. Atlanta Music man Bill Lowrey had recorded Ric's band the Jiv-A-Tones at a radio studio in Atlanta for his Stars label. The 45 Ooh-eee written by Jerry Reed had scored a 90 in Billboard's November 24 1956 issue. Lowery played the song for Ken Nelson the Capitol A&R man, who passed on the tune and the singer but literally flipped over the B side, Young Love . Ric had written this teen lament for his current girlfriend Carole Joyner. Nelson gave the song to new Capitol artist Sonny James and the rest is history, becoming a multi million seller for both Sonny and actor Tab Hunter whose Dot 45 reached number 1, for 6 weeks.
           Ironically then, Ric was the recognized as a songwriter but not as an artist. Lowery approached Steve Sholes the RCA A&R man who promptly bought Lowery's 4 masters - Young Love, Ooh-Eee, Heart Throb and I Wancha To Know and signed Ric to a contract, the 4 sides were promptly issued on RCA but made not a ripple.
           Ric then recorded in Nashville in March '57 for RCA with Chet Atkins producing, despite songs from Jerry Reed and Joe South, with Reed playing guitar, there were no hits. In July, Ric returned with Reed, Ray Stevens on piano and Lightnin' Chance on bass but still no hit despite 5 45s for RCA, despite 2 worthy Willie Dixon R&B covers
           Ric and the Jiva-Tones cut the seminal Scratching On My Screen (based on folk blues classic Digging My Potatoes) on NRC 503 with Reed and South on guitars (The Jiva-Tones also cut the stone classic Flirty Gertie on Fox, then Felsted). Cartey's career never took off like Lowery s other artists. He recorded for NRC, ABC and El-Rico, maintaining his links with Lowery before eventully assuming ownership of Lowery's talent agency. Ric lives in Atlanta having wisely invested the income from Young Love. (Thanks to Jay Orr' s notes in the CMF cd booklet)

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Rocking From Coast To Coast Vol 2 Ace cd - incs Scratching On My Screen
(Jiva-Tones Flirty Gertie is on Vol 1)

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