Johnny Rivers/Johnny Ramistella

           I was viewing he Rockabilly Hall of Fame site under the "R" section artists, as I was linked here by Tony Partridge's LINDA RONSTADT site Linda Ronstadt Fans' Forum :: View topic - Rockabilly vs. Country-Rock and noticed a "Johnny Ramistella" listed there. That is Johnny Rivers' real name. He is of Hispanic origin and his last name was changed to "Rivers" for professional reasons. It is noted elsewhere in his history.
           I have been a Johnny Rivers fan since I was a very young boy in 1969 and own a variety of his original 1960's/70's albums and a few Cds as well. It's been quite some time since I did any reading on Johnny Rivers - I usually reread and rediscover an artist's biography when I go through a rennaissance of listening to their music again, which can last from a week to months at a time.
           I felt inspired to mention the above information when I ran across his real name "Johnny Ramistella" on the Rockabilly Hall of Fame site [listed here as JOHNNY RAMISTELLA Two By Two, '56] and even more surprised he was recording as early as 1956, as I may have overlooked that information on him years ago ... that is incredible ... he's been around as a recording artist almost 50 years ... but, then, Neil Diamond's first recordings were laid down in the late 50's as well and included some on one of his Cd Box Sets [In My Lifetime]. I'll be 50 next year myself.
           This site is incredible! Thank YOU for all the time invested - it is a dream come true to find information like this from devoted folks like Bob Timmers who provide important information for fans like myself who go beyond the pleasures of listening to actually unearthing these wonderful artists' historical and landmark events. Thank YOU! Sincerely,
Hugo Berlanga - Houston, TX

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