Eddie Shuler 1913-2005

           Just learned today that Eddie Shuler of Goldband Records passed away on July 23, 2005 at his son's home in Atlanta, Georgia. Eddie was 92 years old.
           Following is a short obituary I found on the internet:
           Funeral services for recording pioneer Eddie Shuler were held Wednesday (July 27) in Lake Charles, La., according to the New Orleans music magazine, OffBeat. Shuler, 92, died Saturday (July 23) in Atlanta, where he resided with his son. Shuler founded Goldband Records, a label based in Lake Charles, in 1945 and scored one of the first zydeco hits in 1954 with Boozoo Chavis' recording of "Paper in My Shoe." Specializing in Cajun, zydeco and swamp pop music, he released recordings by Jo-el Sonnier, Freddy Fender, Iry LeJeune, Clarence Garlow, Juke Boy Bonner and many others. In terms of country music, Shuler was the first record executive to release a single by Dolly Parton, who was just 13 when she recorded "Puppy Love" for Goldband in 1959.
           In the early seventies I had the pleasure of spending several weeks at Goldband Records. First in 1971, a visit which resulted in "Bayou Rock", an album put together by Eddie at the request of Rockville-International. It included several unreleased tracks as well as some of his best recordings in the Rock & Roll field.
           I visited again with Eddie in 1973 when he introduced us to a cajun recording session. Robert Bertrand, a talented cajun fiddle player and singer who passed away only a couple of years later and never reached his full potential, was in the studio that night and what a treat it was to see Eddie at work behind the board of his small studio. It was also during this visit that he introduced two guys from Holland to Boone's Farm wine, which went as far as jokingly taping a couple of commercials for the product.
           The last time I visited Eddie was in 1975, I had just moved to the States and he had the idea that I should write a book about how to get started in the record business. We talked at length about the project and recorded several hours worth of interview but soon after I found a real job and the book never happened.
           I stayed in touch with Eddie for many more years but eventually we lost contact. Off and on I had thought about him and although I knew he was getting up there the news of his death still came as a surprise. I will never forget the hours I spent with Eddie and his wife Elsie, who he always referred to as "The Boss". He will be missed by his family, friends and music lovers the world over but he leaves the world a beautiful legacy of music.
           In the coming months I plan on adding several Goldband pages to the Rockville-International web site. It may take a while to get it all together but when it is ready I will let everybody know.
           Eddie had a good and long life and I am sure he would not want for us to be sad about his passing. I myself will get me a bottle of Boone's Farm wine, pour a couple of glasses and listen to some Juke Boy Bonner, Al Ferrier, Phil Phillips, Robert Bertrand, Boozoo Chavis, Johnny Jano, Ray Vict, Hopeless Homer, Larry Hart and Clarence Garlow!
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