The Miracle Before My Own Eyes!

April, 2005 - Ronny Weiser -

           It's really an incredible experience to see what's unfolding before my own eyes, day after day! Watching my youngest son David (15 years old) discovering the American Experience, the Rock'n'Roll Way Of Life!

A few weeks ago, I hear this incredible rockabilly song - with hiccupy vocals - coming from across the house, so I run to the computer room where David is, and ask him:
"David, what's this great rockabilly tune you're playing?"
And he: "No, Daddy, it's a Blues song, Big Bill Broonzy 1937!"

All of the sudden the whole house explodes with Omar & the Stringpoppers latest  45 platter "My Baby Don't Breath". What happened? David plugged in a 30 year old  record player into the house intercom system.

I hear "C.C. Rider" by Chuck Willis coming from the living room, but I don't understand since there is no stereo in the living room, only a TV. David found one of those TV cable channels which actually plays Chuck Willis!

Chicks, chicks, chicks, everywhere!! David is very popular with the girls in his high school. He looks very cool in his tight-fitting Lee Riders blue-jeans with cuffs turned up, his rockabilly hair, cowboy boots, and rayon gabardine Western shirts. Many girls have a crush on him. They try to lasso this Rockabilly Rebel for themselves!
           David's dream is to go to Texas, the Rock'n'Roll State, the Cowboy State, the Cadillac State, and also to visit Memphis, Tennessee,  and New Orleans. He also wants to visit Italy and Israel, "the Old Country".
           David considers Texas, Tennessee, Italy and Israel "his roots"!
           David has introduced to his friends hot tunes by J.B. Lenoir, Charlie Feathers, Ray Campi, Pat Cupp, Chuck Willis, Hank Williams, Robert Johnson, Mack Stevens, Alvis Wayne, Johnny Carroll, Jimmy Beasly, Jack Baymoore, Bo Diddley, etc.
           Ever since his Bar Mitzvah (and even before then) David is living the 1950s Experience, the Rock'n'Roll Way Of Life, and I too am enjoying every second of it as well!

What rockin' fun times!
Always Rollin' The Rock,
Rockin' Ronny

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