Mack Vickery Songs

           Mack never achieved the popularity he deserved but he was one heck of a songwriter. Here is a list of all the songs he wrote which charted:
Brass Buckles - Barbi Benton
George Jones on the Jukebox - Becky Hobbs
Desperate Men - Billy Don Burns
Outlaws at the Cross - Billy Don Burns
Walkin' Free Streets Again - Cal Smith
The Watchman - Claude King
The Juggular - Claude King
Honky Tonk Habits - Emilo Navaro
She Went a Little Bit Further - Faron Young & Ernest Tubb
I'll Give You Something to Drink About - George Jones
The Fireman - George Strait
Hot Burnin Flames - George Strait
I Can't Take it Any Longer - Hank Williams, Jr.
The Rainmaker - Hank Williams, Jr.
Rockin my Life Away - Jerry Lee Lewis
The Meat Man - Jerry Lee Lewis
Tokyo, Oklahoma - John Anderson
Let Somebody Else Drive - John Anderson
God Bless Robert E. Lee - Johnny Cash
I'm the Only Hell My Momma Ever Raised - Johnny Paycheck
You Gotta Be Puttin' Me On - Lefty Frizzell
Some of my best Friends are Old Songs - Louise Mandrel
Down on the Levy - Mack Vickery
Isa-A-Billy - Mack Vickery
Lover's Plea - Mack Vickery
Settlin For What They Get - Mark Chesnut
Who'll Turn Out the Lights in Your World Tonight - Mel Street, Wayne Kemp & Ricky Van Shelton
Sweet Honky Tonk Wine - Mickey Gilley & Jerry Lee Lewis
Jamestown Ferry - Tanya Tucker
Right in the Wrong Direction - Vern Gosdin
Cedartown, Georgia - Waylon Jennings
I Can't Keep My Hands Off You - Waylon Jennings
The Eagle - Waylon Jennings
If She'll Leave Her Momma - Waylon Jennings
Wait'n for the Tables to Turn - Wayne Kemp, Charlie Pride & Hank Williams, Jr.
2 With a 10 - Willie Nelson
           Another one of the great songwriters has left us but his memory will live on through the songs he wrote.
Adriaan Sturm - - 12/26/04
"George Jones On the Jukebox"

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