"I'm the Opening Act"

Bill Morrison ай 2004 - February 11, 2004

We arrived too late for the sound check
I hope everyone can hear
We'll sound a whole lot better
When the rest of the band gets here

Yes sir, all of the stars showed up
They travel in busses you know
Heard they got beds and toilets on board
That must take lots of dough

Me and the band use a U-Haul
We sleep in it after our shows
I wish them things had showers
And they get really cold when it snows

Got me a manager in Nashville
Told me I'd have a bus someday
By then I'll be too old to drive
Opening acts don't get much pay

It's really great being around the stars
So I guess I shouldn't complain
But you know it sure would be nice
If just one could remember my name

I've heard stars have bad memories
And I believe that's a natural fact
I guess they can't remember saying
"Hello ... I'm The Opening Act"

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