Stealing is Stealing, Folks

Bill Morrison - - February 8, 2004

When you purchase music at greatly reduced prices, from people who are not  authorized to sell the product, the artist, the writer, the studio musicians, and several other technical and professional folks, who depend on record sales to feed and care for their families, are being robbed. This is the only job they have ... they own the song, and the recording, and if they don't get paid, eventually they will turn their talents in a different direction. The only person making any money from the above people's talents are the thiefs you are purchasing the music from. Nothing ... justifies breaking the law for profit, and cheating people out of what belongs to them. If the price of a CD is too high ... don't buy it, and eventually the prices will come down. If I am in bad health and steal a loaf of bread, I'm still a thief.

It's okay to buy music at greatly reduced prices because no one is really being hurt.

Stealing is stealing folks.

IF YOU KNOW ANY ARTISTS, or heir's of artists and writers, who have been ripped off by record companies give them my e-mail address. The manager of Tootsie's in Nashville is helping me locate a good class action lawyer, that is familiar with international entertainment law. It's time we got paid for the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's.
           My records have been bootlegged in every European country you can name. Of course, TNT also took my singles, put them on some "Best of" LP's and CD's without bothering to pay any writers fees, or artist fee's, and now claim all of their records were lost in a fire.
           Anybody wanting more information on collecting the millions of dollars that are due please contact me. Yes, the records all exist, and there are companies who make their living tracking air play, record sales, etc., world wide. This hasn't been tried before ... if you've been ripped off, and I know there are hundreds of us, get involved ... or quit belly-achin'.

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