Which Rockabilly is Best

Deke Dickerson - eccofonic@earthlink.net - December 6, 2003
           I used to argue all the time about "which rockabilly is best". But what really depresses me after spending so long in the rockabilly scene, is that there are so many splinter groups who seem to do nothing but shit-talk the other groups. The scene is too small for that, yo!!!!
           I just say, dig what you dig and don't put other people down for what they dig. Maybe you can turn them on to some of the sounds that you like (I remember when Big Sandy started doing more western/hillbilly stuff around '92 or '93 and it totally turned a lot of people, myself included, onto the genius hillbilly side of "our" music) ... but no need to slam other folks for what they're into.
           The whole rockabilly thing can flourish if there's "unity," but if everybody splinters into these little groups and badmouths everybody else, then this scene is going nowhere but down. Personally, I miss those old days back in the 80's and 90's where you'd have an authentic rockabilly band, a Stray Cats type band, a psychobilly band and a 60's garage band all on the same bill. Those gigs were fun. Maybe I don't dig a lot of those sounds but it was always fun to have lots of people at the shows, instead of having a small crowd of 18 people all dressed alike trying to out-cool each other. Grease for peace - just my two cents. -Deke

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