For New Bands ...

Elwood Witt - - Posted November 2, 2003
              HI - IT'S BEEN A WHILE SINCE I HAVE WORKED WITH BANDS... for new bands here are a few thoughts.
           1) If the band wants to be full time - and one member only wants to play, work around day job - GET RID OF DAY JOBBER.
           2) IF U GO TO EUROPE - use a known booker - to book the tour. Don't hook up with anyone in Europe, that u dont know.
           3) LOVERS/SPOUSES can send a band straight to "hate hell", try to minimize their influence on the band. GOOD LUCK. Don't allow other people to attend practice at will for starters.
           4) GET TO KNOW - A) people who attend your shows. B) college radio dj's. C) OTHER like bands in your area.
           5) IT IS IMPORTANT - that an outgoing member of the band, hang out on a regular basis, in the local music scene. This is how contacts are made.
           6) VOLUNTEER HELP - there are lots of young people who want to be envolved in the music biz, in some way or another. They will put up flyers - help with websites - SPREAD THE GOSPEL OF YOUR BAND.
           7) Play with different types of bands.
           8) DON'T HAVE A RECORDING DEAL -- give away or sell cds of a live performance.
           9) WHEN U START TO GET A STREET BUZZ - be careful in picking a manager - ask around about individuals who want to mangage your career.
           10) BEST PLACES TO LIVE - college towns - big cities.
           BEST COLLEGE TOWNS - several come to mind - Austin, Texas, any college town in MINN/WISC - Santa Cruz, Calif.
           EUGENE OREGON (i live here) - 22 places where bands can play at least one nite a week. About 12 of those at least 5 nites a week.
           PRACTICE - PRACTICE AND MORE PRACTICE - u might think u are good, but when u look back in 5 or 10 times, u will be amazed at how bad u were, when u started.
           DONT GIVE UP!! -- THIS ONE FOR THE GUYS - dont use a woman to support u. THIS HAPPENS WAY TO OFTEN!!

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