Carl Perkins Car Crash

From Wanda Feathers  - - posted Aug. 15, 2003
         I talked with WS Holland for a while recently, I wanted to hear the whole story of the near fatal car accident that happened in route to New York where Carl Perkins was to be on the Perry Como Show. I always like to hear it from the horses mouth, so to speak, and thought I would share this story with you all.
         My Uncle, Dick Stuart better known as 'Poor Richard"or "Uncle Richard" was a DJ on KWEM in West Memphis, he and Bob Neal did the booking for a lot of the artist back then.
           WS told me that he usually did all the driving but "Poor Richard" was driving the car when they had the accident. They had just finished a gig in Northfork, Virginia, it was late night or very early in the morning and they were all tired from doing the show there.
         WS started out driving and after a few hours he pulled over at a gas station, he said when he started getting sleepy he would always pull in a gas station and get an ice cold coke from the machine outside and rub it all on his face to wake himself up. This was when Dick Stuart ask WS if he wanted him to drive so he could get some sleep and he said yes. Dick Stuart was driving, Jay was in the front middle and WS was on the passenger side, in the back seat were Carl and Clayton.
         Dick Stuart had only been driving about an hour and he went to sleep behind the wheel of the car and rammed the back of a poultry truck. Unfortunately, the driver of the truck was killed. When WS came to his senses he was sitting on the white lines in the middle of a two lane highway, at this time there were only two highways in the US that were two lanes. WS was not hurt at all. He saw Carl laying face down in some water and thought it was all over for him, he grabbed the seat of the car, which must have been knocked out of the car, and rolled Carl over onto it and he started breathing. I don't know the extent of Carl's injuries but he was in the hospital and if it had not been for WS he probably would have drowned right there. Clayton's arm was cut or hurt pretty bad and Dick Stuart's leg was cut up pretty bad. Jay was walking around and didn't even know his neck was broken. The strange thing about this accident was that WS was not hurt at all, he could not believe it after looking at the car which had rolled over several time, he even went back the next morning and looked at the car again.
         WS said his drums were in the trunk of the car, not in cases either, there was not a scratch on them.

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