"Six-String Samurai"

Tom Byers - huskertom@cox.net - Six-String Samurai
           I want to make all of you aware of a great rockabilly movie - Six-String Samurai. To me, the music is the highlight, but as described by a reviewer on Amazon it's a "Post-Apocalyptic Rockabilly Thrillride From Hell". Six-String Samurai is a cult movie made in 1998 that didn't get any theatre play, but both the movie and soundtrack are readily available on Amazon and Buy.com. The music is mainly by the Russian rockabilly band The Red Elvises.
           About the movie - I bought it because I'd heard it had rockabilly music, but the movie itself is very entertaining, with a great ending. The premise is really weird, but it works. In the 50's, Russia beat the US in a nuclear war, creating a nuclear wasteland. Only Vegas remained free, and Elvis was named king. Now Elvis has died in the 90's, and Vegas is looking for a new king. The star of the movie, named Buddy (a Buddy Holly lookalike and a great kung-fu fighter), is heading for Vegas across a postapocalyptic America. During the trip, a kid who is just orphaned tags along who is very annoying for the first half of the movie but turns out to be a key part. The strange people they encounter (a group of tough bowlers, a deranged Cleaver family, the most evil of villians - Heavy Metal) and the fighting, including Buddy single-handedly defeating the red army, make it a fun movie even if it didn't have great music. Besides the music, the ending sends a great message - good rock and roll (rockabilly) will never die.
           You can get the DVD for about the same as a good CD. It contains a couple of music videos by The Red Elvises, and is well worth it for rockabilly fans. I'd be interested in hearing from anyone else who has seen Six-String Samurai.

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