"Cute Little Yodeler"

Roc LaLue - ralarue@gapac.com - Posted July 2, 2003
           Bob (Timmers) has asked me to post some stories of my experiences at Indy (Rockabilly Weekender). This following story is very special:
           "... On Saturday afternoon this guy approached me (at the vendor's area in the Ramada Inn), about 27 years old and about 5' in height. He was the coolest guy I met the whole weekend. He asked, Are you Roc LaRue? I said I was and a big smile crossed his face. He said he was a real big fan of mine and they even play my songs at his office - especially Rockabilly Yodel. I said, I'm sorry but I didn't sing that song - Johnny Cardell, one of the members of the 3 Pals recorded that when I recorded Baby Take Me Back. Well his face got so sad and he looked so disappointed. I said, I'm so sorry - but I didn't record it. He really looked like he was going to cry. So I said - Wait a minute, and I reached over and picked up the guitar. I turned to Ronnie (Haig) and Bob (Timmers), gave them the key and to watch me closely as the song speeds up as I start yodeling. I will sing a yodeling song for you right now - my song entitled "Cute Little Yodeler". Well his face lit up. I started singing and when I got to the yodeling part the place just stopped, people stopped moving - as I yodeled, the sound was echoing off the glass ceilings in the Atrium and it was like yodeling in the Alps. I yodeled faster and faster and everyone in the Atrium, included the vendors, stopped what they were doing and listened, including Billy Adams who was at another table signing autographs. When I hit my last high note it was followed by thunderous applause and yelling and whistling.  Wow, did that surprise me.  That little guy, Doug was his name, was smiling from ear to ear and there were tears in his eyes. What a moment - I will never forget it.  And by the way, Ronnie Haig and Bob Timmers told me afterwards they had a heck of time keeping up with me :) A very treasured moment - I will never forget it ...."
           Thank you Bob for making all this happen and thank you Bob and Ronnie for making me sound good with your great guitar pickin'. 

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