Long Live Rock and Roll

By Ronnie Haig - backporchpicker@aol.com - Posted November 17, 2002

Without a choice of race or gender
Before anyone heard of "Love Me Tender"
Was born one evening in a smoke filled bar
>From an old slap bass and an electric guitar.

Just two strangers from different paths
Had a few beers, a couple of laughs
Slap rythm and licks when blended as one
Became good ole Rockabilly Music to some

Another guy brought in a rythm guitar
Completing a band that could back any star
The yelling and cheering of everyone there
Soon let this band know they could play anywhere

To a lot of old songs they gave a new twist
What money they earned could be held in one fist
The drive of the music, the roar of the crowd
Now everyone's dancing, they turned it up loud
A new generation without guilt or shame
Were chasing their rainbow, they needed a name
Across this great country growing out of control
An undying lifestyle became Rock and Roll
It's all devil music, to hell with this thing
The preachers would shout about sin it would bring
Phonograph records were broken as fast
As we could record them -It just couldn't last

The shows would be picketed, the police would be called
Newspapers wrote stories Mom and Dad were appalled
New dances, and clothing, became all the go
As crowds grew in numbers with each new show

One bass , two guitars, and a handfull of fans
Would forever bring change to our wonderful land
The big beat has lived on through wars and despair
Through good times and bad times it's heard everywhere

Good Rockin' music will never depart
Because it was born and still lives in our heart
A lifetime of treasures we hold close and dear
As one legend passes it brings on a tear

To keep it forever we must generate
An interest to young ones, that they may create
Those new grasping rythms, with spirit and soul
Long live the party, LONG LIVE ROCK AND ROLL


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