The Way It Was

By Ronnie Haig - - Posted Sept. 11, 2002
           We in the late 50's and early 60's had only one venue. To get up there and do the best job we could for whatever audience, wherever, and whenever. There was no personal agenda, no pushing ones beliefs on someone else, no cigarettes in the sleeve of the t-shirt, and certainly very little drug use. We weren't rebelling against anything. We WERE expressing our inner-most feelings about something we loved and cherished. A new kind of music, not chanting, not rapping, not violence, but MUSIC, of which I am very proud to be a very small part of. When we gathered to do a show; no one felt superior to the other. We were all there to do the same thing. Different races, coming together from all parts of the country, to celebrate something brand new. Something exciting. Something fun, clean and wholesome. We didn't understand what we were doing at the time. WE JUST DID IT!
           Sound effects came from experimental ventures before a live audience. Accepted or not, we were the "FIRST" - We remember, we know, because we were there. Call us the originals. The rest - even today were, and are, nothing more than "wanna-be's" It was, and is, our music. NO ONE can take that from us. Not the memories, not the beat, not the experiences, and certainly not "OUR PLACE" We were , and we are, the "Foot Soldiers" the "Originators" and the creators of this thing called "Rock & Roll" "Rockabilly" is an adjective. "Rock & Roll" is a proper noun as far as I'm concerned.
           Truly a period that shall never be repeated, never copied, never improved upon. This movement today of seeing who can be the filthiest talking, loudest playing, trashiest dressing, disrespectfull behaviour on a public stage, I want NO PART OF. Neither do I want to be associated with those who continually display this type of so called "entertainment". Let's rise, those of us who were there, those of us who are proud, and stand for what we were, and are. Good ole American entertainers with one goal. To entertain, make happy, and leave an audience wanting more. Sober, respectful, and well dressed with body clean, and words simple, straight forward, and clean enough for a new born baby to hear. Showing self disipline, respect, and pride. Make no mistake about it-YOU CAN BE ALL THAT and still rock their socks off.

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