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June 22, 2002 - Roger "Roc" LaRue -
           I've been surfing the web searching for information for my articles and I am finding all kinds of sites on Rockabilly. It seems it is still popular everywhere, especially in NYC where a lot of the great recordings came from. I have found that the East coast is full of Rockabilly clubs and of course Europe is still going strong with the sound. Some of the sites are really sleazy and cheap but most are pretty good. Of all the sites, the Rockabilly Hall appears to be the most authentic in regards to its attention and respect to the actual 50's artists and the origins of Rockabilly.
           The one thing that I am finding on most of these sites, much to my dismay, is the "hoodlum" type appearance of some of these bands. That was not the Rockabilly appearance of the 50's. We all wore very nice suits or tuxes and never showed ourselves as "hoodlum-like" or street bums. We never wore jeans on stage or T-shirts with cigarette packs rolled up in the sleeve - like so many of these bands are doing today. They might think that's cool - I don't. That is just a representation of the "hoodlum" side of the 50's era - e.g. Danny (John Travolta) in Grease. That was not the 50's I knew. We dressed very respectful and sharp and looked great on stage. Boy have times changed.
           If I could say anything to these young Rockabilly musicians it would be to dress a little more respectable and professional, respresent and present the music true to its time.

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