Memorial Day, May 27, 2002

May 27, 2002 - By Col. Robert Morris
           [NON-ROCKABILLY] - It had been raining all day. Hell, it had rained for three days and nights. Not hard and then soft, but the kind that feels like it will never end. Smokes get wet when you try to light them, that is, if they'd let you light them. Can't draw attention to yourself or others. You never know where "Charlie" is. Is he watching you right now? You hunker down a little lower into the shallow dip you call a fox hole. Where is "Charlie"? You heard the rumors that he was in the area. That somehow they had penetrated your perimeter. You think about your bud's back in the world. At seventeen, they were getting ready for the prom, their biggest thought being how far his prom date will let him go that night. If she knew what you knew right now, she would ... Well, to them, Vietnam is a word, not even a place. They don't know that within the next two years, most of them will be dead, a lot of them, their bodies never found. Their stories, never told. Yea, you think about all of this, while at the same time, holding back the urge to jump up and run. But to where? And for how long, before being ripped apart by a sniper's rifle? So you wait. And think some more. What are my parents doing right now? I bet Momma is fussing at Dad again for falling asleep in his chair before supper. Just think, a few months ago, taking out the garbage, and cleaning your room, was so uncool. Today, you see things in a whole diffent light.
           Those days seem as real to me as today is. I survived that day, to later learn the real truth behind war. It is the worst experience one can have. The hardest part to overcome, is the lack of compassion the enemy held for their prisoners. How they would experiment with different forms of torture. You see, they did not consider us a real threat. So they would use the P.O.W.'s to practice on, for the next time they would have a suitable foe. Thank God, we showed them the error of their ways. But by the time of release, too many good men had died. Some on the outside, and was left there in a shallow grave. Others, on the inside, who has carried the pain inside of them and will till they join the others, to receive their Heavenly reward! I truly believe that any one who has been tortured and maimed in a war, has already spent their time in hell, and that God will make the proper adjustments to allow each and everyone of them in. (Or He Should).
           This Memorial Day, remember those who gave all they had for you. We all know someone who served in a war. Pick up the phone, write a email, go visit, damnit do something!!! We deserve at least that much. But you say, I know someone, but he talks too much, or she goes on and on about things I don't understand. I feel uneasy around them.You remember this, IT COULD BE YOU! But for the grace of God, and their willingness to go in your place, you would be the one waiting for the sign that never comes. The sign that someone cares. That someone cares enough to step in for one day, and be their friend. I ask this of you, because, while this day is for the remembrance of those lives lost because of war, I know that each and everyone of those fallen heroes, would want you to pay them the highest respect, and help one of their brothers or sisters. God Bless America, And God bless our Soldiers.
Sgt. Robert Morris
Third Recon
Former P.O.W. Vietnam

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