Carl Perkns' Brother Question

Posted May 15, 2002 - Ryan Witte -
Subject: Great Calendar. This site has been extremely, extremely (that's two) helpful to a stickler for dates and evolution like myself. Thank you so much for compiling them. I do sort of wish they were in actual chronological order rather than arranged by month, but I suppose it's alright.
           I've been led to believe that the downfall of Carl Perkins' career was not specifically the car accident, but rather, the death of his brother, Jay B. Perkins, and the effect that had on his morale emotionally, etc. You have some dates for a Luther Perkins (who I've never heard of). Is this the brother I'm thinking of, or is this someone else altogether? The date for Luther Perkins' death seems to be just about right to be Carl's brother. If instead, Ray is the right person, did he die instantly, or was he hospitalized for some time before succumbing? You seem to be very knowledgable, so I was hoping you might be able to help. I've been trying to find out what the date was of Carl's brother's death. Thanks a lot, in advance. Ryan Witte -

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