1st Annual

Photos of Some of the Participating Artists
Song clip "Jamboree on the Mountain, Monteagle, Tennessee" courtesy of Mayf Nutter

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Stevie Cee's Photos


Tommy Cash doing a tribute to Johnny

Billy Walker

Colonel Buster Doss welcomes the audience

Ernie Ashworth

Hal Willis receives an Award from Gary Bradshaw

Mayf Nutter

Shirley Raye with husband and singing partner Phil Murphree

Troy Cook Jr. and his band backed up many of the performers

Vernon Oxford

Andrew Dean

Ann Brown

Beau Renfro

Bob Timmers with Jose Daniel

Cowboy Lone with Rico

DJ Tommy Deam from Maine

Doreen Brown

Colonel Buster Doss (or as Mayf called accidently him, "Duster Boss")

Eddie Harris

Erin Hay



Frank Mabry

Glenn Alan


Hele and Paul Mateki, 2004 European Duo of the Year

Jessica Mae

John David Lamb

Jose Daniel

Julie Taylor, with the Fire Mountain Band

Larry "Buck" Bisbee, cowboy poet

Newlyweds Oteka and Deral

Phil Hanna

Romeo (vocals) & Lockwood (keyboard)

Ron Wayne Atwood

Rudy Grant

Sammi Donielle Moore

Shakey Ground

Shane Worley

Greg and Renegade

Smokin' Joe

Stevie Cee

Taylor McKay

Tommy Tate

Tommy, the UK Cowboy

Everything is in it's place

Jamboree On The Mountain Report
On May 6th @ 12Noon the Jamboree On The Mountain was officially opened by Col. Buster Doss, who welcomed all the artist, guest and public. After a short speech, Col. introduce the Master of Ceremonies ... Lou Nelson of Texas Drover Records/ Lou Nelson Promotions.. Lou Welcomed everyone and did not hesitate to bring on the first of many artist to perform in Monteagle, Tn.
                        Starting off with the 1st of 96 track singers scheduled all was going well. In between all the track singers were the live bands ... such as Troy Cook Jr. & The Long Haul Band. Other bands included were Foxx & Desert Moon Band, Julie Taylor & The Fire Mountian Band, Rick McWilliams & Hopkins Bro. Band, Keel & Wayne ( country rock band), American Thunder (4 part harmony band and awesome they were), Duet Romeo & Lockwood (all the way from New York), Jonathan & Lorraine Washburn, then there was Glenn Alan & Partners In Crime .. .not to forget Lori Lynn Jordan, Jay Powell both backed by HardDrive Band.
                        In between all this music ... some of the track artist were not able to make the show or had to change their plans due to personal or mechanical reasons, they were missed. It still left tons of artist to sing to the crowd. Some of the special guest that were recognized and brought up on stage to be heard were DJ's from around the world, such as Phil Hanna of Fresno, California, Anita Vengenechter (sp) from THALS-FM Belgium, Tom Cunningham- Total Knockout from Australia, Antone Garcia of Spain, now residing in Nashville and playing the indie artist, Ken Randall of Southern Kind Radio-West Australia ... DJ Tommy Dean of Maine, Hondo Austin of Tennessee, also Karen of WCDT Winchester, TN. But lets not forget Beth Brown of Australia, Doreen Brown of Canada and last but not least X-DJ Julie Taylor who now resides in Nashville as well.
                        Allow me to mention just some of the track artist on playlist that alot of us recognize from the DJ playlist around the world, who didn't have the bands behind them but were there to support the Indie Movement, (as it was called at the show). Names such as Ron Wayne Atwood, Wesley Ialacy, The Mateki's, (Paul & Helen), Jaime Beaver, Ann Brown, Stevie & Deb Cee, Robert L. Clarkson & Kids, Johnny Collier, Jose Daniels, Andrew Dean, Margie Cumbie, Richard Draime, Jimmy Eaves, TJ Christian, Danny Grae, Joy Grim, Tenn. Bill Foster, Eddie Harris, Phil Hanna, John David Lamb, Alex Whitmore, Jim & Hazel McGlasson, Frank Mabry (welcome back to music Frank), Sammi Donielle Moor, Lorne Nelson, Beau Renfro, Smokin Joe, Tommy The UK Cowboy ... and many many more to many to mention ... but was great to hear them sing their hearts out.
                        The special shows included Tommy Cash, Mayf Nutter, Rudy Grant, Erin Hayes, Ernie Ashworth, Billy Walker, Beau Refro & American Thunder. I do want to mention a band called, Shaky Ground, Bluegrass music, who were awesome, that are from Jasper Tennessee.
                        The Music was awesome all the way around. Overall, the music went well, but I must say there were just too many artist that were scheduled for a Friday that didn't show up but come Saturday the 7th began to take on "shaky ground," cause everyone wanted Saturday to perform. Scheduled times were changed and patience were running low as alot of them waited their turn. Come Sunday morning, the weather was still great, a lot more calm than Friday & Saturday and it was a well needed calm Sunday. Under the shade trees the artist and the audience took up their lawn chairs and just soaked in the wonderful Gospel music that was presented by Rhonnie Sheuerman & Jack Hodge, with DJ Tommy Dean helping out with the master of ceremonies as the Jamboree On The Mountian ended. Everyone was relieved that all had gone well considering.
                        Many thanks were given to all the sponsors and a great big Thank You to Col. Buster Doss for even taking on such a task. We also thanked Gary Bradshaw who was behind all the happenings and of course alot of his artist that performed a great show. So make your plans and keep the dates in mind for next year!! Details will be sent out through the message boards from around the world. See Y'all then. Happy Trails, til next time.

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