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Allen Folse
Web Site
"This Old House"
"The Good Ole Days"

David Church
Web Site
The Old Red White and Blue

Steve Liesman
Business Web Site
"Knockin' on Heaven's Door"
"Me and My Uncle"

Fourty Five
William Malouf's Father Herb had a poker club called Chet's Club right next to The Lucky Spot on Edison Highway In East Bakersfield, CA. Glenn Pogatchnik sold his Gibson SG and his Gibson Goldtop Les Paul to Rick Vincent. Rick used these instruments on Fourty Five's hit album.
"Hold On" video
"Around the World" video

Keaton York
The Councilmen
Bakersfield, Calif.
Face Book
ReverbNation Link
YouTube Video


Web Site
"Satan's Daughter"
"Do You Remember"

The Podunk Poets
Yes, they do make music like they use to. The Podunk Poets draw heavily on the past to recreate the nearly lost, but still iconic, male/female country music duo. Kelly Kidd and Cindy Jollotta sing a blend of original and covers that draws upon the struggles of everyday life (important now more than ever!), the joys of love, the victories of the little man, and the humor that can be found in all the above. The Podunk Poets band consists of Doug Carrion and Patrick Generosa on bass and drums along with D. Troy Castro and Jake Kelly on guitars.
While their music is clearly classified as classic country, it incorporates all the elements that get the audience moving: Swing, Rock-A-Billy and even a bit of 60’s for good measure. Basically, it’s down home with uptown style.
Song: Lucky In Love

Scott Haggard
(Merle's son)
Web Site
Songs: "They Oughta Be Ashamed"
"Living in the Shadow of Merle"

A Meat & Potatoes Production